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If A Character Is Assassinated In The Woods...

The scene cuts back and forth between the two groups. At times, we hear the prayers of one group over a visual of the other, or the two prayers intermingling. At one point we cut to Kate and Charlie, who are watching the Palestinians at their prayers. Kate: "It's beautiful, isn't it? It's the law, they have to do it five times a day." The montage continues. Kate: "The tragedy is that the Palestinians and the Jews are so much alike." Charlie: "How's that?" Kate: "All through history, nobody's wanted either of them." Thanks for that startling insight, Kate. I don't know that we ever would have gotten that without your help. The scene ends when both the evening prayers and the Shabbat service are completed. On the one hand, I enjoyed this scene for the fact that it was one of the rare times that non-Christian religious rituals are presented on American television in a really tender and lovely manner. And it was certainly gorgeous, both visually and aurally. But I'm not sure that I actually trust the producers to have any good motivation in presenting the two groups this way. Instead, I fear that they were just trying to present both the Palestinians and Israelis as exotic. So I have mixed views. (Which is more than I can say for my views about the rest of this piece of crap.)

Suggestion #3 of a better way to spend your time instead of watching a bad episode of The West Wing: read some classic Krazy Kat comic strips online. One of the greatest American works of popular art and literature of the twentieth century, it tells in surreal form the classic love triangle between a dog, a mouse, and a cat of indeterminate gender.

After commercials, we return to the sprinklers turning on at the Camp David golf course. A title tells us that it is Day Four. We hear C.J.'s voice as she gives a briefing, offering a "tantalizing but maddeningly generic rundown of what's happened since yesterday afternoon's briefing." We pan over a large common room in which some people are sleeping. In the kitchen, Josh, Toby, and Kate are getting some breakfast and talking about how much one party will not like the other party's offer. Leo comes in and asks how things are going. Josh asks him if he's all right, because, to be honest, he looks like death warmed over. Leo blames it on the leftover taquitos he found in the kitchen the night before, and asks for an antacid: "Or maybe an aunt who knows how to cook." Toby tosses him some antacids, and Kate gives Leo an update on a proposal for maintaining Israeli security posts on the West Bank for a limited period of time. Leo is surprisingly not opposed to the idea, and when Toby complains that the Israeli PM will never go for it if the Defense Minister is with him, Leo suggests that Toby find a way to split the two of them up. Leo wanders off, and they all look after him with some concern. This is the only scene in Mary McCormack's time on the show that her pregnancy has been remotely noticeable. Kudos to the wardrobe team and the camera crews.

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