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If A Character Is Assassinated In The Woods...

Toby and the Defense Minister are riding in the back of a golf cart, each carrying a shotgun. The DM tells Toby that he always wanted to try skeet shooting. The cart stops and they get out. The DM asks Toby if he shoots often. Toby: "Yeah, once or twice a week, when it's in season." Yeah, that highly anticipated clay pigeon season. Don't shoot them without a license. The fines are stiff. The DM asks Toby how it works, and Toby gives the non-expert overview of what skeet shooting is. As they arrive at the range, the military type who is running the joint asks Toby if he's ever fired a gun before. Toby claims to know what he's doing. The DM shoots the first pigeon and nails it. It's now Toby's turn, and as he raises his shotgun to his shoulder, the DM tells him to stand "more firm." Toby tells him, "This is the way we do it in Brooklyn." Toby calls out "pull," fires the shotgun, and falls over on his ass. Theft!

While the writers embarrass themselves and Toby degrades himself, Kate and Josh are eating lunch with the Israeli PM. They are giving the PM their latest proposal on post-withdrawal security measures. He takes a long sip of his iced tea and then tells him that they would need some mechanism for emergency developments.

Kate, Josh, and Will are discussing the results of the meeting with the Israeli PM. Jed is surprised that the PM agreed to the proposal. They talk about how to get Farad to accept it, and then Jed asks them where they are on right of return. Will says that the Israelis will not accept a full right of return for all Palestinians and that Farad is standing firm on principle. Kate volunteers to try to work on Farad. In response to their quizzical looks, she says, "I think he likes me." That reminds me of a little song I wrote in honor of Kate "Bangs" Harper. It goes something like this (with apologies to They Might Be Giants, and a tip o' the nib to my friend Lisa G):

She cannot replace our Fitz
Because our Fitz was bald and he had no bangs.

Her long hair hides her forehead
That's a really unattractive look for her.
Once with a show we fell in love sometime ago, now it has...

She solves all of the world's problems
But she cannot style her own hair. That's so sad.

She flirts with Chairman Farad

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