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If A Character Is Assassinated In The Woods...

To bring to peace to Palestine and Israel.

And in case you think I watch this show because I still like it,
Just remember that I'm only here for the paycheck.

Her long hair hides her forehead
That's a really unattractive look for her.

And although she's a fine actor, check out her haircut.
What did she do to piss off the folks in hair and makeup?

She solves all of the world's problems
But she cannot style her own hair. That's so sad.
But she cannot style her own hair. Thaaat's sooo saaad.

Jed tells Josh and Will to get the Israeli PM to commit on security "before Toby has to start feeding the clay pigeons." As they staffers walk away, Leo walks up. Jed: "We may just have our tennis match." But Leo thinks it's too soon to celebrate, because they haven't gotten to the hard stuff yet. He points out that they haven't even started discussing Jerusalem. Jed tells him that it will be the last thing they discuss. When Leo starts to say that it's the hardest thing, Jed blows up. "Dammit! Don't you think I know that?" Leo looks shocked, and he leaves to talk about Ambassador Nechayev about compensation.

A wooden footbridge over a stream in the woods. There is a small waterfall under the bridge. Farad is standing on the bridge as Kate walks up to him. She tells him that she knows how difficult it would be for him to appear to abandon his principle, but that an unrestricted right of return will not be acceptable to the Israelis. He tells her a moving story of the town where he was born, and the process by which his family was forced out of the town: "I still remember the view of the valley from the roof of our house." He asks her if he will get to go home. Kate: "No sir. Probably not. Is that worth not having any home at all?"

Cut to the bullpen. Josh is surprised that Kate got Farad to go along on right of return. Will says, "I'm taking her with me the next time I buy a car." Toby points out that they still have to discuss Jerusalem. Kate: "Any chance we can just give Jerusalem to the Swiss?" I think Tom Clancy has a copyright on that idea. They wonder who will start the discussion of Jerusalem. Jed says that he will.

Jed is sitting at a table with Farad. Farad is still in a suit, by the way, while Jed is wearing his jeans and a polo shirt. Jed tells that Farad that shared sovereignty over Jerusalem is the only answer. Farad rejects the idea. He points out how important Jerusalem is to Muslims. Jed: "Mr. Chairman, there isn't a single member of your delegation who doesn't think turning down the U.N. offer of a Palestinian homeland in 1947 was lunacy, a colossal mistake. Please do not make the same mistake today." Farad does not answer.

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