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Never Look a Gift Moose in the Mouth

Previously: C.J. publicly criticized Saudi Arabia's treatment of women and, following some threatening emails, was assigned protection by Secret Service Special Agent Simon Donovan; Leo fretted about Iran getting the bomb; Simon and C.J. were pushed headlong into the verbal feints and parries that are part of any potential Sorkin-written courtship; Deborah painted her living room the wrong color. I understand what she's going through. This one time, I bought a Thomas Kinkade painting at Deck the Walls, of a cottage in the woods in a thunderstorm. But when I brought it home, I realized that it completely clashed with the black-light poster of a winged demon playing the electric guitar that I had bought at Spencer's. I knew I should have gotten the painting of the lighthouse on the cliff in a thunderstorm instead. And I won't even get into the issue of the plasma globe-light.

We open the episode with the presidential motorcade arriving back at the White House. They're returning from their meeting in Helsinki with the Russian leaders. Sam trudges in and steps right into pedeconference mode with Ginger and Bonnie. Ginger exposits that the meeting was a success, though we get no clarification as to what that might mean, given the prominence of that plotline in the last episode. Sam brought them back some presents: for Ginger, a collectible plate featuring a moose; for Bonnie, a hat with a moose on it. Bonnie teases him gently for getting them presents from the motel gift shop. Ginger asks what kind of food they eat in Helsinki. It's moose! Moose for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Moose! Moose! Moose! It's a word that is automatically funny, so it gets worked into the script as much as possible. Sam says that he didn't eat any moose, because "[he doesn't] like eating things where the cartoon character can talk, and, you know, hatch a plan." Considering how prominent farm animals are in cartoons, maybe he should become a vegetarian. Sam tells Ginger that he's going home to bed after he checks his mail and messages. Ginger gives him his messages, along with a videotape that arrived anonymously, addressed to him. And White House Security allowed this to be delivered because why? Sam and Ginger speculate whether or not the tape has porn on it. In a bit of lip service to previous angry feminist strawperson plots, Sam asks Ginger if she's offended that he brought up porn. She says she's not offended and jokes that she hopes that it's porn, too. Sam heads into his office with the tape.

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