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Never Look a Gift Moose in the Mouth

Back at the White House, Bruno walks up to Margaret's desk.

Bruno: Hey, Stacy.
Margaret: Margaret.
Bruno: I thought Margaret was the girl who worked here before?
Margaret: I'm the girl who worked here before. I'm Margaret.
Bruno: You changed your hair.
Margaret: No.

Leo interrupts this amusing exchange to invite Bruno into his office. Bruno leaves a red box on Margaret's desk, telling her that somebody asked him to give it to her.

In Leo's office, Bruno asks Leo to ask Jed to consider two precinct captains in Iowa who want jobs in Commerce. Bruno also asks why Jed refused to release his college transcripts to the Associated Press. Leo jokes that it's because Jed took a semester of tap, then says he'll look into it. After mocking Ritchie's intelligence, why would POTUS refuse to release his transcripts? After some more discussion, Leo asks about the ad. Bruno tells him that they don't want to see it on television. As Bruno leaves, he encounters Margaret at the door; she's looking at Bruno with surprise. She says, "Mr. Gianelli?" He says, "You can call me Bruno." Margaret smiles as he walks off. She puts the box he gave her down on her desk, and we can see that inside is a gold necklace with her name spelled out on it, like you get at those little kiosks at the mall. Awww, Bruno has a crush. How cute. That was also a little inappropriate and condescending, but then again, those are two adjectives that I'd generally apply to Bruno.

Sam's having lunch with Kevin at a classy little restaurant. Kevin is clean, thin, neat, about Sam's age, and immediately sets off my gaydar. Log Kabin Kevin suggests to Sam that perhaps they should consider meeting for lunch or coffee once a month. "We can be emissaries," he explains. "We can maybe help keep things under control if they get bad." I don't know what Kevin's role is with the GOP, but I don't see Sam being able to keep anything under control over at the White house, especially since the other senior staffers are regularly trying to find ways to keep Sam under control. Log Kabin Kevin asks Sam how he feels about getting "his candidate" to sign the clean campaign pledge. Sam points out that "his candidate" is "the president." Kevin apologizes, and then asks, "When was the last time we saw a genuine dialogue?" I run screaming from the room. I hate, hate hate the use of the word "dialogue" as a synonym for "meaningful conversation." To me, "dialogue" refers to lines that are scripted, and when I hear it used in crap-ass office-speak, I take it as a signal that "meaningful conversation" is the one thing that will not take place as a result of a "dialogue." Anyway, Sam jokes a response about a court case being their last "genuine dialogue." Log Kabin Kevin starts talking about speeches, but Sam interrupts him to apologize for the president's open-mike mistake. Kevin insists that it's no big deal and that most Republicans laughed about it. Yeah, right. Maybe the gun lobbyists, but that's about it. Sam decides to broach the subject of the attack ad. He tells Kevin that "something happened," and that somehow he ended up with a copy of an attack ad against the president. He pulls the tape out and sets it on the table. Kevin expresses surprise that somebody sent him the ad. Sam warns Kevin that his campaign has a mole, and pushes the tape across the table to Kevin, saying, "We don't need it. We don't want it." Log Kabin Kevin looks at the tape, thanks Sam, and promises that he'll "get to the bottom of this." Funny, I wouldn't have guessed Log Kabin Kevin to be a top.

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