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Never Look a Gift Moose in the Mouth

Wednesday. Josh is sitting in his office, reading through some stuff. Donna comes in and whines that it's wrong of him to make her fire the intern. Josh says that he'll fire the intern, then. Donna whines that the intern shouldn't be fired, because it was just moose sausage, not "the plans to Los Alamos." Josh responds, "And we're the White House, and not Williams-Sonoma." Donna complains that the intern is unpaid and is trying to make his rent. Josh says that he can't by auctioning off White House gifts. Donna says she'll make that clear to him (and some former interns on the boards have posted that it's made very clear to interns from the start). She says the intern shouldn't be fired because twenty years ago, 75% of the students who graduated from the Kennedy School of Government took jobs in the public sector. Last year, only a third did. Well, since government internships weren't paid twenty years ago either, I don't think money is the source of the problem, here. Donna insists that they need these people. Josh agrees. She blathers on that Josh didn't give up her name to Martha when he thought Donna had sold off the moose meat so blah blah blah and Josh interrupts her to point out that he already agreed. Fine. Okay. Fine. Okay. Just kiss already.

For some reason, Bruno is hanging out in Toby's office while Toby rants about the problem with the news directors. Bruno suggests coordinating a floor fight. Toby suggests getting corporate sponsorship. Bruno asks, "The Nabisco Democratic National Convention?" Toby says it's better than four nights of professional wrestling. Well, there go those Southern votes again. Toby continues to whine, but Bruno doesn't think that the news directors were really serious. He theorizes that they just needed to get some stuff of their chests, and when push comes to shove, they're going to cover the conventions. Bruno suggests that Toby at least give them something that they want. When pressed for a suggestion, Bruno mentions that he's partial to animals that can do math. They bicker some more. Bruno says he doesn't think it's possible for the four news directors from four competing networks to get together and decide anything. Toby thinks about that for a moment and wonders the same thing. Then he comes to some sort of realization and calls Bonnie in to ask her to get in touch with somebody in the Justice Department. Bruno comments that he still thinks it was about the skyboxes.

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