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Never Look a Gift Moose in the Mouth

Jed sits alone in the Oval Office. Charlie escorts in Leo and Fitzwallace. Abdul has been arrested, and a boat was seized about two hundred yards away from the port of Oakland, California. Wow, that's quite a ways away from Bethesda. The boat contained five thousand kilos of ammonium nitrate and a gallon of diesel fuel. The target was Fort Point, which has been decommissioned and therefore makes for an unusual target choice. But there's more: Fort Point serves as an anchoring position for the Golden Gate Bridge, and destroying the base could also potentially destroy the bridge. I can't imagine the vile things that would come out of Jerry Falwell's mouth if a terrorist attack were to hit San Francisco. POTUS is concerned that their intelligence was so off-base all this time, and that they barely averted a disaster. He again asks why they haven't heard from Shareef in Qumar. Fitzwallace tells him that he doesn't know yet, but he does have some unsettling news: now that they've got better ties with Russia following the Helsinki meeting, they're getting more information from that Chechnyan prisoner who alerted them to the attack from the first place. The prisoner says that he worked with an operative from the Bahji terrorist cell who claimed that he reported to Abdul Shareef, who is not only America's source for intelligence from Qumar, but also apparently the Qumari defense minister. Meaning, of course, that the military leader of another country may have been the one to orchestrate the attack on the Golden Gate Bridge. Fitzwallace says they're not sure yet, but Jed points out that Shareef is coming to the U.S. in ten days; Jed wants Fitzwallace to give him an answer by then. Fitz agrees and leaves. Leo and Jed look at each other with concern.

C.J. and Simon arrive back at C.J.'s office. She asks the Secret Service agent who is there for her evening protection if she could have a moment alone with Simon. He says, "Yes, Ma'am!" with the kind of enthusiasm that suggests that even he knows where this storyline is going. She brings Simon into her office and shuts the door. Then she demands to know what he and Hogan talked about while she was in the dressing room. That was two days ago. She's just now getting around to asking? He spills that he was in the protection detail at Rosslyn. C.J. mumbles out an awkward thanks to him. She gathers her jacket, gives him a slight smile as she tells him she's heading home, and wishes him good night. She leaves, and Simon heads over to her laptop to look through her email. All the addresses are from AOL, MSN, or MSNBC.com. Perhaps this show shouldn't be bringing up things like anti-trust suits at all. He notices an email with "Vera Wang" as the subject line. The address is from an AOL account, which you would think would be pretty easy to track down with the proper warrant. Simon opens the email. It reads: "The Vera Wang looked great on you. I'm glad you bought it. You should wear it in the next couple of days because you're going to be dead soon." Simon slams the desk in frustration, presumably for not having recognized the stalker. Was it the man in the coat? Mr. Blackwell? Isaac Mizrahi? We'll have to wait to see.

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