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Therein, Leo talks quietly to Fitz, while others go about their business: "When was the last flyover?" It was within the last hour. They try to be professional and keep their emotional baggage out of it, since there are other staff members around. But you can tell Fitzy's heart is breaking, and he's just putting on a brave face. No one can ever take Leo's place. Leo wonders if they're seeing any pictures of the Arkutu preparing to surrender. Fitz says no. He shows Leo a photo which shows 3200 Induye being marched down a road toward Mutsato. He shows him another, which indicates twice as many bulldozers and cranes working, and twice as many smokestacks burning than there were an hour ago. Finally, Fitz shows him a photo of the mass gravesite to which those 3200 Induye are being marched. Leo: "How many more in the next twenty hours?" Fitz estimates it's 20,000. Leo asks, "So why not talk about blowing off the deadline?" Fitz: "'Cause we'd need fifty-five more aircraft off the USS Colonnade the 3rd Infantry." Leo: "He's trying to finish the job before the deadline." Fitz: "Yes." Leo leaves with a grave look as Fitz continues studying the photos. You can see how the NBC promo gerbils have their hands full, what with trying to spell things right and figure out how to position genocide and slaughter against Trista, Ryan, and Charlie. Why is it I know the names of the people on The Bachelorette when I've never even seen one minute of that show? I guess I can wonder about that through the commercials.

C.J. meets with the press at a hotel. She's wearing a peach-coloured suit. I hate peach, but I would like to know why it is she looks good in practically everything, even a peach suit. How fair is that? Katie asks if POTUS read Sam a bedtime story last night, and if so, which one? I bet Sam likes Goodnight Moon. No, she asks if he is monitoring the situation in Kundu. C.J. says he's getting continuous updates and spoke by phone today with the UN Secretary-General and the leadership of the World Bank and the IMF to begin discussing rebuilding packages after the Arkutu step down. She says that he has a conference call with his economic team this afternoon. Chris asks, "That's about the Democratic response?" C.J.: "The tax plan isn't a response to the Republicans, it's a tax plan. And yes." Another reporter asks if there are any California issues on the schedule. He's got meetings with a bunch of California politicians in his suite. Mark asks, "Speaking of California politics..." C.J. takes the bull -- or perhaps the bear -- by the horns (horns? okay, that little metaphor didn't work out so well) and replies, "Was a White House aide sent to meet with the Communist Party's candidate for governor?" C.J. says Donna was sent to meet with the head of the California Agricultural Labourers Association, who, it turns out, has some loose ties to the American Communist Party. Katie: "He's their standard-bearer." C.J.: "Like that one." C.J. says Mr. Perez was heard, as is his right, and that's that. Chris asks how she thinks the picture of Donna and Ivan will play in Orange County. C.J.: "Really, really well." She says she'll speak to them before the dinner.

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