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Nearby, Andi, Toby, Donna, and C.J. are sitting in some comfortable chairs around a small table. C.J. is telling Toby that he and Josh need to take over Sam's campaign, just for the last week. Toby says they've asked: "We said we'd go off the White House payroll. I've had to bungee Will to his desk. Until a higher authority steps in, the DNC wants Holcomb." C.J. complains that they have Sam at community centres at a podium: "It looks like he's wearing his dad's old suit!" She argues that they should be trading on his youth and vitality. Toby knows. Donna: "Communists look exactly like non-Communists." Toby: "Tell me about it." Just then, some badly dressed but probably well-off schlub and his wife walk past their little group and the guy says, "Miss Wyatt, those kids you got in there...deserve a father." Holy crap. Andi turns around and says, "I'm sorry, are you talking to me?" I was hoping she'd go into a whole Travis Bickle thing here, but alas. He stops and says, "Yes, I was. That's all." Andi: "They've got a father, and it's Congresswoman Wyatt, not 'Miss.'" He chortles, while his wife just gives him a sort of "naughty boy" look, and says, "Whatever you say." Andi: "Damn right, whatever I say." She turns back as C.J. gives her an incredulous look. But he's not done; he comes back for more: "You may not realize it...but you are an example to young women, and there's something to be said for acting like it." Andi: "Well, I believe I do." Self-Righteous McIndignation: "You do." C.J. tells him he's way out of line and that they're having a private conversation. Mrs. McIndignation speaks, though oddly, she didn't ask her husband's permission first (I'm sure she'll be lectured about that all the way home): "No, it's not private when you're an elected official." Andi slowly stands up, saying that she appreciates their reminding her of her sworn duty, "But if it's all right with you..." Mr. McIndignation gets up in her face and says, "Yeah, but it's not all right with me!" People are standing around watching this now. Andi says, "Well, I'm sorry to hear that..." Him: "You should be sorry!" Toby inserts himself between Andi and the guy and tells him he's standing too close now. His wife says, "It's the father." Toby: "Yeah, it's the father and you're standing too close." C.J. leaps up. Toby: "So if you're going to insist on being drunk and minding other people's business, you've got to take a step back, 'cause as you are apparently aware, the Congresswoman is pregnant." Charlie, who's nearby, notices this to-do and comes over to ask if there's a problem. The wife snipes, "This is the one who was with the daughter." "This is the one"? Yeesh. Why is almost everyone they encounter outside of Washington a walking, talking stereotype, usually right-wing?

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