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We cut to the White House where Leo's meeting again with Thomas and Robbie, the Ghanaian reps. They're telling him Nzele wants $500 million in undirected aid, assurance that he stays in power, and a guarantee of immunity for himself (and his top aides) from prosecution for war crimes. Oh, and he'd like July to be "National Genocide Month." I might be making that last one up. Leo, not surprisingly, is incredulous. Margaret pops in with a note which Leo reads and hands to one of the reps. He tells Margaret to get him Fitz and then POTUS.

Orange County jail, or some such place. A cop hauls some mope past Toby, who's yapping on his cell phone telling C.J. he's fine, and that they should go on to the rally, and that Andi shouldn't come there. Toby asks the officer who's fingerprinting Charlie for a ballpark figure on how long this is going to be. Officer: "Assault? Six to twenty months." Heh. But I don't think that's what Toby meant. Also: there goes law school, Charlie. Well, maybe not, if you're only convicted on a misdemeanour. Charlie says, "It wasn't assault. He slipped on a thing." Officer: "Well, the guy says you hit him." Charlie: "Well, that was different. That part may have been assault." Dude, did they not Mirandize you? Have you never watched, like, one minute of television? Law and Order? NYPD Blue? Oz? Cops? Any of these ring a bell? "Can and will be used against you in a court of law," my friend. Toby tells C.J. to tell Sam to hit hard on health-care quality and to acknowledge the AFL folk. The officer barks for Toby to come get fingerprinted. Toby keeps yapping and finally the officer says, "Hey! Give me the damn phone!" I'll say. It certainly seems like they're getting kid-glove treatment compared to your average perps. I know, they've got a lot of juice with the leader of the free world, but shouldn't the cop be breaking their balls a little more? The officer keeps walking toward him and Toby says, "I gotta go...I'm under arrest." Charlie says, "He's not going to know the names of the people he's meeting." Toby asks if he ever does. The officer starts fingerprinting Toby, who asks, "Is there any chance I can get a corner cell? Or anything, possibly, with a loft space?" The cop tells him, "They're solitary." Toby: "Perfect." That's my guy. I'm just severely bummed that we didn't get to see Toby and Charlie clock that clown.

Scott comes into the room where Sam's getting ready for his rally. He's changing because he got salsa on his shirt. Sorry, but the powers that be didn't see fit to feature Rob Lowe shirtless here. Scott asks everyone to leave. When they do, he says he's going to propose something bold. Sam likes the sound of that. Scott says the White House is going to announce its tax plan on Monday and tells him what it is. Sam knows, of course, because he worked on it, too. Scott suggests that he come out against it tonight to show that he's not "bought and paid for by the West Wing." Scott adds that many of the 1% who will be affected by that tax live in Orange County. Sam says he worked on that plan for tax-deductible tuition. Scott says he was just following the President's orders. Sam: "Yeah, and the President was also doing what I helped advise him to do." Rob Lowe's hair is just way too long here. It's sort of flipping up at the back of his neck, above his collar. It's also really flat. If he had some horn-rimmed glasses and an ironic thrift-shop t-shirt, he could be in Sloan or something. Scott says it doesn't matter. Sam wants to know how Scott knows they're announcing on Monday. Scott won't tell him, but smugly insists that he knows, and that it's been fully scored. Sam suddenly figures out what his friends are doing for him. Grabbing his jacket, he rushes out.

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