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Nearby, some young military guy hands a cell phone to Debbie, saying it's Leo. She brings it to Jed. Jed tells Leo he just fired Scott Holcomb, and that Toby and Charlie are meeting with a bail bondsman right now and Toby has to come off the payroll for a week. Leo doesn't react to any of that; he's got a bigger problem for him. He's calling from the Sit Room; Fitz is at his side. He tells Jed that two Marine Lance Corporals and a PFC have been taken. They were patrolling Bitanga Airport in a Humvee and fifty guys came out of nowhere. Leo says that Special Ops wants to brief him on some rescue scenarios. Jed says they're coming home. Leo tells Jed about Nzele's demands. Jed says, "Tell Ghana to tell Nzele he's got nine hours and twenty minutes before I take him." Nancy tells Jed that Sam's about to introduce him. Jed waits, standing near the military guy who brought the phone in earlier. He asks the fellow, "Lieutenant, how old are you?" He says he's twenty-two. He looks about fourteen, though. Jed nods and then walks onstage in response to Sam's introduction, quietly saying, "Let's go." He walks out, waving to the crowd.

Supposedly, Rob Lowe's last show is next week, and I'm not writing that recap. ["Djb is." -- Wing Chun] So I'll just say goodbye to Sam now, even though I highly doubt he reads these recaps. I enjoyed you, I'll miss you, and I wish you well, bud. I know I ragged on your hair a lot, but you didn't give me much else to complain about. Sam Seaborn, we hardly knew ye.

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