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As she leaves the room, C.J. tells Carol she has $1331 in her chequing account and she'll give Carol $1300 if she'll go to California in her place. She just wants $31 for food and transportation. C.J. complains about the sky-blue DKNY suit that was ruined, and she'd only worn it for forty-one minutes: "There should be a law against that." I'm guessing she might be hard-pressed to get a lot of sympathy from someone on Carol's government salary. She's lucky if she can buy DKNY microfibre leotards. Carol's giving her some information which leads C.J. to figure out that the Republicans are about to roll out their tax plan. She calls out to Josh in the hallway, telling him that Rittenhouse and Gacy just booked the Sunday shows. She tells Carol, "We need to see the President."

In the Oval Office, Pierre EscargoAway is haranguing Jed about the superiority of the French system. For those of you overseas who've never seen any of Frenchie's episodes, he looks like the love child of Ashton Kutcher and Claire Danes. Zoey's there too. Frenchie says he thinks it's better to work to live than to live to work. What a charming notion, especially in one so wealthy. Jed points out that 20% of French youth is unemployed: "They're just living to live!" Frenchie: "Yes, that is right, but sir, we have the best public health care and pension in the world. State-financed pensions are equal, almost, to income levels." Jed: "Yeah, it helps when someone else is picking up the bigger-ticket items like a national defense." Heh. Zoey: "Love seeing my two men sparring." Ugh. Shut up, Zoey. Don't you need to go shoe shopping with Gwyneth Paltrow or something? Jed: "I'm sorry?" Frenchie helpfully explains that Zoey's very fond of Jed. Jed: "Excellent." Charlie knocks and enters; Jed can see the Fab Four waiting outside his office. Before Charlie can say much, Jed says, "Yes, absolutely, send them in." They drift in and hang near the door. Frenchie is undeterred: "You see, there is an attitude in your culture. There is an effort to defy all that is European and that behaviour is seen by many to be..." Jed cuts him off with a "Yeah, whatever" and asks what the Fab Four needs. Josh says they didn't know he was busy and indicates they'll wait: "The three of you should bond." Jed walks over to Josh and quietly says, "If you leave, I'll kill you." Jed turns to his annoying daughter and even more annoying potential son-in-law and says they'll have to leave because Josh has gotten himself in a jam. As they leave, Jed says he'll see them tomorrow night, and they can continue the discussion on what's wrong with him.

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