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C.J. tells POTUS that the Chair of House Ways and Means and Senate Finance are doing the Sunday shows. Jed's glad to hear they're rolling out their tax plan, so the Democrats can roll out theirs. Josh points out that it means it will be tomorrow or Sunday before they can respond. Jed suggests going first; he tells them to call the press in, and he'll do it right now. Josh says it's not ready. Jed: "Toby?" Toby: "I don't like that French kid very much." Bwah! Take a number. Jed asks whether the tax plan will be ready tomorrow; Toby says it will. Jed says they respond to theirs with the Democrats' either tomorrow or Sunday. Toby points out that they'd be announcing a 1% tax increase on the richest 1% of the population in Orange County. Jed: "Then that's where we do it." Will, who's the only one not sitting down, points out that it will kill Sam's campaign. Which is why Josh thinks they should cancel the trip. C.J. points out that their cancelling would equally damage Sam's campaign. Will agrees. C.J. thinks they have to go to Orange County, but tells Jed: "There's $1300 with your name on it if you don't make me go with you." Toby: "Get over the dress, would you?" C.J.: "It was a suit, and they hit me with an avocado!" Toby: "It could have been worse." C.J.: "How?" Toby: "They could have hit me." C.J. tells Jed that the first forty-eight hours of the news cycle are the most important, and they won't have anything to fight the Republicans with if they don't announce their plan, too. Jed says it's a killer decision: "But let's lean toward Sam and say we smile and keep our mouths shut in California and then come out fighting Monday morning." They leave, with C.J. muttering, "I'm going to go pack thirty-eight sets of clothing now for two days."

On their way out, Toby tells Will that every speech POTUS gives on Tuesday has to be about their tax plan. Will says that POTUS is making nine public remarks on Tuesday, and that he can get it done. Toby says he can, because he's going to use the speechwriting staff to help him: "You will tell them what you need, you will expect it. You will tell them how they can do better and they will do it." Will replies, "In theory. On paper, your plan is very sound." It turns out that the staff still resents and dislikes Will. Will wonders what he's done. Toby doesn't know why they don't like him nor does he care. Will: "I made Rice Krispies treats." Aw. ["They must hate him a lot; normally, bringing in sweet carbohydrate-based treats is the best way to win over any office." -- Wing Chun] Toby explains that Will's been here for three minutes and they've been working for the President for years: "They have whiplash." Will mentions the Rice Krispies treats again; Toby barks that he can't believe they haven't come around yet. He tells Will that many of these remarks are the lowest possible priority and that there are better uses of Will's time: "Now instruct your staff!" Will agrees and leaves.

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