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Donna walks away as C.J. comes up to the coffee station and tells Josh, "We've begun spreading our magic already." Apparently, a number of wires have been crossed between air traffic control, highway patrol, and whatever else, and Interstate 5 has been shut down for ninety minutes, despite their late arrival. Josh: "Is that a freeway that gets used a lot?" C.J.: "Not for the last hour and a half." Josh wonders whether POTUS has seen any news coverage of the Republican tax plan. Josh and C.J. cross a hallway, at the end of which Jed approaches a doorway and says, "'No response from the White House?'" Dude, what did you think they were going to say? Jed proffers a bilabial fricative and says that's his response. Larry says it's worse than they thought. Ed adds, "It is." Jed claps Ed on the arm and says: "Sing it, Larry!" Ed says, "Ed." Jed's enraged to read that the Republicans are planning an across-the-board tax cut of fifteen percent, and a 50% capital gains tax cut. Toby says they claim it's going to cost $800 billion. Josh and C.J. arrive. Josh says it's actually going to cost $1.2 trillion. Jed: "I'm not an economist, but...no, wait, I am an economist." He prompts C.J. to say that their plan will explode the deficit. Jed: "Will it stimulate the economy, Josh?" Josh: "It'll stimulate the Swiss economy." Jed: "Josh gets extra credit for being funny and right at the same time and how long do I have to stay quiet, Toby?" Toby says he's the Grand Poobah of the Greatest Superpower Ever and he can talk whenever he wants. Jed: "And not kill Sam?" Toby: "No. For that you gotta shut up for fifty hours." Jed: "And so I shall."

Back at the White House, Will asks Elsie (sigh) what she's doing. Why is Elsie still here? Why? Maybe Zoey could introduce her to some other obnoxious French guy -- maybe Le Vicomte Eurotrash has a brother? -- and she could go be annoying in France, where I won't have to know about it. (Sorry, France. When it comes to Ms. Snuffin, it's everyone for herself. Maybe she'll grow on you, like Jerry Lewis did. What the hell is that all about, anyway?) Elsie's writing stuff for FLOTUS, who despite the cast list in the promo material for this episode is not in this episode. Get it together, NBC promo people. The synopses you're putting out -- when you can be bothered at all -- are riddled with factual and spelling errors. How hard is it to write three accurate sentences and spell all the words right? And tell us who's actually in the show? Anyway, Elsie blathers about the group she's writing remarks for, but no one cares, especially me. Will asks when she'll be done; she says tonight. He says she needs her the rest of the weekend. She says he's got a staff. Excuse me, but I thought that was part of her excuse for being here. He dragged her along telling Toby that they were a package deal and Toby told Will he had to foot the hotel bill for Elsie himself. Will was fine with that. Now he's on staff. What is she still doing here? Is he paying her? Why is she writing for FLOTUS? Whom does she work for? And more importantly, what is she still doing here? Oh, I asked that already. Will indicates they were not won over by the agglutination of puffed rice cereal, butter, and marshmallows. Elsie says they work for him. Will: "Try telling them that." She asks if he has tried that. Will says he hasn't, basically because he's intimidated by them. Though he disses their writing skills anyway. Seriously, Will, clear the decks and hire a new staff. Will mentions that they took Bitanga Airport. Elsie: "You think we don't watch the news down there?" Where is "down there"? Hell? She wonders if Will thinks POTUS took Bitanga because Will told him to. Will says they've only taken the airport, and he's just saying that things happen fast. Elsie watches him walk out of the building.

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