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Previously: there was a crisis in Kazakhstan, Will and Kate went on a date, and there was a near-meltdown at a nuclear plant in California. Plus, there were years of unresolved sexual tension between Josh and Donna. (There isn't enough HTML in the world for me to link to every example of that).

It's 5:00 AM, and a bunch of Santos staffers are madly scurrying around a darkened room. Ronna is reading off a bunch of poll results: "Arizona, up by four. Nevada, up by three. Virginia, up by four." I'm not sure if that's how far the Santos campaign has moved since the last polls, or whether they mean to imply that Santos is ahead by that many points in the latest polls. Annabeth asks for the California results, and Ronna tells her that they're up by six. I think Annabeth just asked to be a smart-ass, because she tells Ronna that her poll results show Santos up by seven in California. Donna asks where that number came from, and Annabeth tells her that it's a Gallup poll. This gets everyone very excited.

Otto is sitting at a computer, and Ronna asks him if "it" is up. I don't think that's the kind of thing a lady asks in mixed company. The "it" in question is a web page, because Ronna, Annabeth, and Donna immediately start telling him to hit refresh, or to leave the page and then return to it to force it to reload. It's twenty-one days until the election, according to the subtitle. Soon, all three women are hovering over Otto's shoulder, peering at the monitor. If Peter Paul Rubens were alive today, he would paint this picture: Otto and the Three Graces. Bram asks Otto how things are going, and Otto responds, "I've got three women trying to tell me how to use the New York Times website." Because everyone knows only boys use the internet. Bram offers to help Otto if he's having trouble figuring out the web. Poor Otto. By the way, Bram is in his undershirt. Have men been taking his shirts away from him again?

Otto shoos everyone away, and they go back to reviewing polling results. Everyone is pretty stunned to hear that they are tied with Vinick in Arkansas, North Carolina, and South Carolina. And then Otto tells them all that an article about the Times tracking poll is finally up on the website. Otto's reading the article aloud, and just as he gets to the part with actual results, his computer crashes. Ronna, Otto, Bram, and Donna pretty much freak out, and then Annabeth sweetly tells them that she has the results on her computer. They all gather around her and silently read as some great jazz starts to play. (In fact, thanks to the observant forum posters, I can tell you that it is "Bang, Bang," most likely a recording by Dizzy Gillespie on the album Talkin' Verve. You can go listen to a sample if you want.) As they read, they each pretty simultaneously develop looks of utter happiness. That was a lovely moment of acting from all five of them.

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