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Will walks into C.J.'s office and is surprised to find Kate there. He offers to come back, but C.J. tells him that she wants to meet with them both. She tells them to prepare materials to share with the candidates so that they can all be on the same page on Kazakhstan. Kate and Will spend this scene not looking at each other and not speaking to each other, trying so hard to pretend there's nothing between them that it is incredibly suspect (and funny). C.J. asks them, "Is something weird happening?" They deny it. She continues, "I feel like I'm the heroine in the movie who doesn't know there's a guy behind the refrigerator with an ax." Kate, with a concerned look on her face, tells her, "Maybe it's the weather. People feel that way when it's...damp." And I want to thank Deborah Cahn for one of the first truly laugh-out-loud moments on this show that I've experienced in quite a while. C.J., with a sly little smile, thanks them both and dismisses them. They walk out together, and just outside her door, Will mutters, "We're really bad at this." Kate: "Really bad."

Back at the Santos rally, he's preparing to introduce Dave Matthews. The camera pans to the side of the stage, where Ronna namechecks Lou, telling Josh that she's working with Joey Lucas on language to test. Josh reminds Ronna about the detour to the White House, and Ronna tells her that Lou suggested sending Leo to San Diego in advance while Santos goes to D.C. Josh thinks it would be a good idea to get Helen there as well.

Josh runs into Donna, and tells her that she needs to fly to D.C. to discuss Kazakhstan-related press issues with the White House. She tells him that she's on her way, but first wants to share a rumor she heard from someone at the Sacramento Bee. Josh mocks the name of the Sacramento paper, and Donna gently pulls him back on topic. And then she tells him, "They think he has a cold." Josh: "Vinick?" Affirmative, good buddy. Josh is speechless for a minute, and then starts smiling broadly. He takes a step toward Donna, but then Bram walks up to them. Josh, who was totally going to grab hold of Donna again, veers to the right and throws his arms around Bram. Then he turns around and picks up Annabeth, holding her (and her ample bosom) up above his head. She calmly asks Donna, "Why is there hugging?" Donna explains about the cold, and Annabeth responds, "Oh, that's precious." And then Josh drops her, and she disappears completely from the frame. Josh tells them all, "I want to send him some Vicks VapoRub and a big German nurse." Annabeth interrupts this unpleasant train of thought to tell Josh that the White House wants Leo at the White House along with Santos. Josh takes the phone from her and tells the White House scheduler on the other end that it must be a mistake, because Leo can't possibly leave the campaign trail. He hangs up, and Annabeth walks away. Josh gets back to the cold, asking Donna if reporters are going to write about the cold and also about how Vinick is a frail old man who can't stand up to the rigors of the campaign. And then Josh's phone rings. It's the White House. More to the point, it's Jed. He asks Josh, "Hey, kid, how you doing?" Josh seems pretty surprised by the call. Jed continues, asking Josh, "Do me a favor. Bring Leo with you to the White House tonight, would you?" Josh tries to make an excuse, but Jed tells Josh to come along as well: "It would be great to see you." And then he thanks Josh and hangs up. Donna asks Josh what's going on, and he tells her that it turns out that everyone is going to the White House. Commercials.

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