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The Crackpots And These Women

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The Crackpots And These Women

That's one hell of a title, ain't it?

Previously on The West Wing: Leo shouldered the white man's burden, C.J. talked fast, Josh threatened some Congressmen, and Toby hated everyone.

It's nighttime, and the Prez and his staff are playing basketball out on Pennsylvania Avenue, surrounded by police cars and the Secret Service. I can't believe there's nowhere to play basketball on White House grounds. Ah well. Charlie and Josh urge the gasping Prez to take a break, "because people are bound to be pretty upset when they find out we killed the President." Toby points out that all the Prez has to do is "say 'Toby, you're the superior athlete,' and slink on off the court." Toby is wearing a CCNY sweatshirt, although when I first saw it I thought for a second it read "CCCP," which would have been pretty damn funny. Anyway, ol' Prez is adamant about playing, and Toby claims this is a perfect metaphor for his presidency: "Let the poets write that he had the tools for greatness, but the voices of his better angels were shouted down by his obsessive need to win." There's a little echo of Lincoln's "the better angels of our nature" there, which is nice. The Prez waves an arm and calls "Mister Grant!" No, not Lou. It's Rodney Grant, who I'm guessing sports fans would recognize, but I'm not one, so I don't. ["I didn't either. He was really tall." -- Wing Chun] The Prez introduces him as a new member on his team. Toby comments, "It isn't so much that you cheat; it's how brazenly bad you are at it." The Prez takes offense, so the staff reminds him that he played mixed doubles against Toby and C.J. with Steffi Graf as his partner. The Prez insists that his partner worked at the American Consulate, and just happened to resemble Steffi Graf. He goes on to point out that Rodney is a member of the President's Council on Physical Fitness, and tries to start the game back up. Toby is having none of this, and questions Rodney, who eventually confesses that he played for Duke. During this bit of conversation, the Prez is lurking behind Rodney so that it kind of looks like he's sniffing Rodney's armpit. The game starts back up, Toby is blocked from making a basket by Rodney, and then Toby says, "Charlie, guard the new guy." Charlie looks a trifle intimidated. Heh.

Let's see them credits!

The sun rises over the Mall to the music of gentle wackiness. Josh banters with his secretary and heads to a staff meeting. Donna calls after him and says Josh is supposed to meet with someone from the National Security Council later, and then asks what he thinks the meeting is about. Josh says, "I don't know, but this is the White House, so it's probably not that important." Josh starts walking again, and this time it is C.J. who calls to him. She tells Josh she wants him to read an article from The New Yorker about smallpox. "The disease?" he inquires. "No, the desert topping," she responds.

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