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The Crackpots And These Women

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The Crackpots And These Women

Mandy is telling C.J. that she wants the Prez to go to a fund-raiser in California held by Larry Posner, some bigwig in Hollywood. C.J. says that she has no problem with it, but that Toby will. C.J. mentions that at the last party Posner had, Roberto Benigni pushed her into the swimming pool. Mandy suggests it was worth it if it got more votes for the Prez, but C.J. says that since Benigni isn't eligible to vote in the U.S., it just made her "a six-foot wet girl in a Donna Karan dress." C.J.'s fun.

Leo, the Prez, and some other folks are discussing economics. The Prez sits in a straight-backed chair with both hands behind his neck for a while, as if they've been glued to the back of his head. This is not only strange in itself -- it's also a strange way of being strange. He says a lot of things about the deficit and the national debt that I don't understand, and eventually lowers his hands to take a note that Charlie has handed to him. The economists are impressed by the Prez's mastery of economic minutiae, and Leo comments that "The President is startlingly freakish that way." And other ways too, Leo. The Prez announces that Zoey, his daughter, is in town looking for housing prior to attending Georgetown University's spring semester. The meeting ends.

As the Prez walks to the Oval Office, with Leo trailing, he announces he's going to cook chili for everyone. "My friends, my daughter, my beer, and some chili. Yes!" Leo seems nervous about the prospect of the Prez doing any cooking. I foresee wackiness. Charlie enters, and the Prez fills him in on the plan. He also further identifies Zoey as his youngest daughter. So we'll get to see others, I guess. Charlie says that Mrs. Prez might not like this, but the Prez insists, "The First Lady is in Pakistan; I can eat whatever I want." This reminds me of the time when my mom was out of town and I caught my dad eating chocolate cake for breakfast. The Prez tells Charlie to get the recipe from Mrs. Landingham, get the ingredients for the chili, and to send in his staff. I guess it would be kind of cool to be the President's personal assistant, but I wonder if Charlie will get tired of doing all this stuff.

Leo asks the Prez how he can remember all the economic data he was dazzling people with earlier. The Prez says, "You mean I was right?" and they both laugh. The staff enters, and the Prez tells them about Zoey and the chili. Their communal response is a decidedly unenthusiastic "Oh. Great." The Prez pauses, and says, "Everybody, look down at the big seal in the middle of my carpet." They admire the Presidential seal. "Now, everybody look back up at me." They do so. He repeats, "Zoey's coming down from Hanover and I'm making chili for everyone tonight." This time, there is a chorus of "Terrific! I love chili!" The Prez comments, "You see how benevolent I can be when everybody just does what I tell them to do?" I want a poster that says that. The staff sits down for what Leo emphasizes will be a quick meeting.

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