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The Crackpots And These Women

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The Crackpots And These Women

C.J. meets with her crackpots -- three conservationists, who are showing her pictures of a wolf named Pluie. They explain that wolves have to travel long distances to breed, because otherwise the packs become inbred and genetically weak. C.J. offers, "That helps explain Buckingham Palace." The conservationists are not amused. I like the way C.J. laughs at her own jokes. The point is that they want an 1800-mile-long roadway for wolves from Yellowstone to the Yukon. C.J. asks how they plan to get the wolves to follow the roadway signs, and they assure her that their scientists are working on it. C.J. points out that ranchers don't like wolves, and that ranchers vote. Conservationist #2, near tears, tells C.J. that "Pluie was shot and killed by a rancher last month." D'oh! C.J. asks how much the roadway would cost, and the answer she gets is that because of grants and corporate sponsorship, the government would only have to chip in $900 million. C.J. cracks up. Conservationist #1 admits, "Sure, there are other thing we could spend the money on..." and C.J. interrupts with a sarcastic, "You think?" Conservationist #2 asks if it would be better to spend the money on a fighter plane, or another Savings & Loan bail-out. C.J. suggests they could build schools with the money. Conservationist #1 says, "Let's move on to the grizzly bear," as a picture of one with the name "Bonnie" superimposed on it appears on the screen behind them.

Mandy visits Toby. She reclines against the door and says, "I came in here to be nice to you, Toby." I don't know if that was intended to sound seductive, but it sure did. Toby doesn't even look up, but says, "Go ahead." They both admit that they don't like "going up against" each other. Then Mandy bites her lower lip, making me think that the earlier sexual implication was intentional, and says, "I'm glad David Rosen passed on the communications job. They couldn't have done better than you." Toby pauses, and says "Excuse me?" She repeats that she thinks David Rosen wouldn't be as good at the job as Toby is, and concludes, "That's me being nice." She's evil, isn't she?

Toby walks the halls with C.J. and reminds her that when he asked if he was the Prez's first choice, she called him a "paranoid nudnik." C.J. insists that Toby was their first choice, and Toby repeats what Mandy told him. C.J. denies that they asked Rosen first, and Toby asks for her help with the press conference.

Josh meets with someone named Stanley in a rather dim office down in Georgetown. We quickly gather that Stanley is Josh's former psychologist. Josh starts out by talking about the article C.J. mentioned way back at the start of the show, which suggested that other nations may be storing the smallpox virus for use as a biological weapon. Then Josh mentions that he's had "Ave Maria" going through his head all day. This leads to a short discussion of Josh's sister Joanie, who loved music. Josh changes subjects again, finally mentioning the card he got that morning. Stanley has to do some probing and guilting, but finally gets Josh to tell him how Joanie died: She was babysitting Josh and the house caught on fire. Stanley tries to assure Josh that it wasn't his fault that his sister died, but we can tell Josh isn't buying it.

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