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Crutching Teacher, Hidden Psychic
The limo drives up to the Stuart house; apparently Johnny went back with Chris. He tells Roger, who's out in front of the house, that he's got to talk to him. Roger announces that he organized a hockey team for Chris and some of his friends, and that the first practice is that afternoon. Johnny commands, "Call it off." He insists that there's going to be an accident, and that they've got to call it off. Roger blows this off. Johnny follows them into the house, pleading his case. Roger says that they always skate on that pond until March, and wonders what the hell is the matter with Johnny. Johnny asks, "You want to kill your own son?" Chris says he's scared. Roger's getting mad. He tells Chris not to be scared, and to go eat. Johnny asks, "Don't you know who I am?" Roger wonders if Johnny thinks he would have been hired without being thoroughly checked out first, adding, "But I hired you for your abilities as a teacher, not a fortune-teller!" Johnny freaks and smashes a glass candy dish on a small table, knocking over the table in the process. He bellows, "The ice...is gonna break!" Roger calmly tells Johnny that he wants him out of there, and he doesn't want Johnny in Chris's life anymore. He turns and tells Chris that he doesn't want any argument from him either, and that he must do exactly what he's told. Chris is very upset and argues with his father, saying it's not safe. Roger gives in and says to hell with the team, the practice, everything. He tells Johnny again that he wants him out. Johnny, seeing that Roger's relented, is calmer now, and agrees to go and apologizes for breaking stuff. Roger says he'll see that Johnny gets his final cheque. Johnny states, "I'm not crazy, you know. Don't let the boy think I am. I'm right about this." Roger says, "But we'll never know, will we?" Johnny asks for Chris's hand. Chris offers it; Johnny holds it and says, "Nothing to worry about now." Johnny leaves. Chris is upstairs working on his computer when his father comes into his room and says, "What's going on? You're not even dressed." Chris turns, puzzled. "You called it off. I thought you called it off." Roger says he just said that to get rid of Johnny. Roger tries to convince him to go: "You gonna sit here and pout like a baby in your room, or you coming outside to play hockey with your friends?' Well, gee, Dad, when you put it that way... Chris turns back to his computer. Roger says, "Great," and leaves. Johnny is crossing a slushy street carrying a bag of groceries. He notices a newspaper box and pulls out a paper. (Remember when they were sold in open boxes, and you were just trusted to pay for them? I just barely remember that. Now if you're the sort of low-life who wants to steal papers, you have to pay for at least one.) He reads the headline: "Two Drown in Skating Accident."

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