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Crutching Teacher, Hidden Psychic
Back at the rally...remember the rally, where Johnny's been holding Stillson's hand for, like, the last ten minutes? Sonny comes along and breaks it up. Sonny gives Johnny a shove and tells him to get out. The gorilla and the psycho move along, glaring back at Johnny. Johnny and Dr. Weizak are having some kind of pastry and tea in Johnny's house. Johnny asks him, "If you could go back in time to Germany, say, before Hitler came to power, knowing what you know now, what would you do? Would you kill him?" Weizak asks if that's why Johnny sent for him -- to ask him this. Johnny explains that he's had another episode. He tells Weizak about the vision of Chris drowning. But what he wants to talk about is the fact that something was missing from the vision -- a blank spot that he describes as a "dead zone." Weizak asks whether the boy actually drowned. Johnny explains that he talked his father out of letting him play the game that would have led to his death. Weizak figures out that Johnny can not only see the future but he can change it. Weizak defines Johnny's "dead zone" as the possibility of altering the outcome of his premonitions. He makes a doctorly note. Johnny asks him again about his question about Hitler. Weizak says he doesn't like the sound of this, and wants to know what Johnny is getting at. Johnny just repeats the question. Weizak relents, "I'm a man of medicine. I'm supposed to save lives and ease suffering. And I love people. Therefore, I would have no choice but to kill the son of a bitch." Johnny says he'd never get away alive. Weizak says it doesn't matter; he'd still do it. Johnny goes back to his father's house. No one seems to be home. He reaches between a wall and a free-standing cupboard and pulls out a rifle. He grabs a box of bullets from the top of a corner hutch. He notices an old photograph of his parents on the table. He moves it out of the way and starts to fool with the rifle. I wonder if he'll give himself a Mohawk, à la Travis Bickle. I sure hope so. Anything would be a tonsorial improvement. Johnny's on a bus with the rifle wrapped up in some kind of gunny sack or blanket or something. We hear him in a voice-over: "Dear Sarah, This is a hard letter to write so I'll try to make it short. I can't go on hiding anymore. That's what I've been doing: running and hiding. I had this figured out all wrong. I always thought this power of mine was a curse, but now I can see it's a gift. Anyway, by the you get this letter, it'll be all over. You never will understand why, Sarah, I guess nobody ever will, but I know what I'm doing, and I know I'm right. Just remember, there's never been anyone for me except you. Just wasn't in the cards for us, I guess. I'll always love you, Sarah. Johnny." We see the bus pull up and let him off; it's nighttime. He crosses the road and stands in front of a big hall. A poster indicates there's a meeting there for Stillson's campaign tomorrow. Johnny tries to get in the back door but it's locked, of course. He breaks a basement window and goes in that way.

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