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Crutching Teacher, Hidden Psychic
Johnny and Weizak arrive at the hospital where Mrs. Smith has been admitted. Johnny arrives at her bedside; she looks like she's been dipped in flour. She's delirious; she tells him to leave his boots outside and not track snow all over the house. He says he won't track snow inside. She says he's a good boy. Johnny takes her hand and kisses it; she wheezes out a last fluttery breath and dies. A police car drives up to Johnny's parents' house. I recognize the guy driving the car, but can't place him until I look him up: it's Nicholas Campbell, who now stars in a Canadian show I never watch, but which I see commercials for all the time, called DaVinci's Inquest. The other guy, playing the sheriff, is Tom Skerritt. Campbell tells Skerritt that he's wasting his time. He says to Campbell, who is playing Frank, that it's worth a try. He goes into the house, leaving Frank in the car chomping his Bubble Yum. Johnny's father invites him in. It turns out he's there to ask Johnny to use his psychic powers to assist him in his foundering investigations of some serial murders involving the Castle Rock Killer. Johnny isn't interested; his father tries to encourage him to consider it. The sheriff reminds him that several decent young women met with horrendous deaths. He admits he's exhausted all conventional methods and doesn't know what to do next. Johnny's unmoved. The sheriff suggests that if God has seen fit to give Johnny this gift, Johnny should use it. Johnny takes exception: "Bless me?" He starts shouting: "You know what God did for me? He threw an eighteen-wheel truck at me! He bounced me into nowhere for five years! When I woke up, my girl was gone, my job was gone, my legs were just about useless...Bless me? God's been a real sport to me." The sheriff says that if Johnny changes his mind, he knows where to find him, and leaves. The sheriff goes back to the car, where his partner seems smugly pleased to have been right about Johnny's unwillingness to co-operate. In the house, Johnny takes some pills. His father comes in to try to talk to Johnny about "this thing," but feels that he's not any good at it and says he wishes Johnny's mother were there to talk to him about it. Johnny tries to reassure his father. His father asks if he wants to talk about it. Johnny says there's not that much to say. He explains that when he has the spells, he feels like he's dying inside. Naturally, his dad doesn't know what to say. Johnny's working at the kitchen table when he looks out the window and sees Sarah getting out of her car. He looks at his cane for a few moments and decides to leave it in the house. As he reaches her at the car, she's just taking her baby out of his car seat, and says she brought him a visitor. Johnny says he didn't know she was coming; Sarah says she wasn't sure herself. She tells Johnny he looks wonderful. Clearly, she's not looking at the poofy hair. She notices that he's managing without the crutches; he says, "I still got the limp." Sarah asks if his father's home; Johnny says he won't be back until later, and asks about the baby. Sarah introduces him as "His Majesty." Johnny misremembers the baby's name as Danny; Sarah cheerfully corrects him, "Denny." The baby is a real cutie. Johnny invites Sarah and the baby in.

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