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MH. Back at the sexy flat, Jason, Marco, and the Swedes arrive while Will is preparing a snack. Jason sends Marco and the girls out to the balcony to check out the view while he gets drinks. As they leave, he warns Will not to try to mess up his action. Will assures him that he wouldn't dream of it. And then Will goes to his room, where he checks out the Swede Dreams website and finds that the picture of Jason and Marco has already been posted. That is a pretty remarkable camera -- it has a wireless internet connection and web design capabilities. Commercials.

MH. Barthelona. Jackie climbs into bed. At first, I thought she and Emma were sharing a bed, but they're actually in separate twin beds with one long headboard between them. Emma says goodnight to Jackie, who responds, "Yeah, good night. Well, it would be if John was giving me one." That's our Jackie. She puts the "ass" in "class." Speaking of John, he arrives at his room to find the pilot naked and entertaining a lady friend. So, of course, he knocks on Jackie and Emma's door. Jackie lets him in and he explains the situation. Emma is awake, but doesn't move or give any sign. John prepares to sleep on the floor, but before he does, Jackie tries to get him to remove some of his clothes.

TWW. Forrest asks Vinick if he would favor reimporting prescription drugs from Canada, where prices are much lower. Vinick is opposed to Canadian price controls, which he claims punish drug companies. He asks, "You know how many lifesaving drugs are invented in Canada? None." To which I have just one thing to say: Insulin. Jackass. ["Yeah! Although technically, insulin was a naturally biologically occurring hormone before it was available in prescription form, but still." -- Wing Chun] Vinick argues that U.S. drug companies have developed drugs that save lives and reduce costs by eliminating the need for more costly treatments (like surgery). Blah blah blah, AIDS drugs are too expensive in Africa, blah blah blah, they've gone down dramatically. Vinick suggests that it's the fault of African governments that people are dying of AIDS. Santos says the solution for that is debt relief. Vinick supports debt relief, but thinks it won't really solve anything. Forrest asks what will help, and Vinick says, "Tax cuts." He claims that taxes in some African nations are too high, and that the punishing tax rates make investment impossible. And then he claims that the reason the tax rates are so high is because those nations are trying to prove that they can repay their debts. Which leads me to believe that removing those debts would enable those nations to lower their tax rates. But what do I know? They're shooting Vinick from a low angle at the end of this scene, and he looks positively cadaverous. Kind of like Grandpa Skeletor. Commercials.

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