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MH. Back at the sexy flat, Jason, Marco, and the Swedes are playing strip poker. I see London, I see France, I see Swedish breasts. Hmmm, that really doesn't scan. The girls win a hand, and Jason and Marco start to unbutton their shirts. Speaking Swede stops them, explaining that since the girls took off each other's shirts, the boys have to do the same. All while Silent Swede takes pictures. The boys decide to go along with it after Speaking Swede threatens to cut off their access to her Swedish panties. But then they act like total prisses about it while they're unbuttoning each other's shirts. Come on, everybody knows that real men aren't afraid to get naked and wrestle with each other. At least, that's what I've read on the internet. While the boys strip, Speaking Swede offers to get more drinks. Jason tells Marco that the girls must be cheating in order to win, since the boys are already cheating by using marked cards. Speaking Swede is pouring the drinks, but Lehann walks in on her just as she drops some powder into a couple of them. Lehann demonstrates why she's the brains of the outfit when she starts yelling at Speaking Swede. Jason takes the Swedes' side, but they start getting dressed and prepare to leave. Jason won't hear of them going out into the dangerous city alone, so he calls for a cab so that he and Marco can do the chivalrous thing and escort them back to their hotel. Marco doesn't want to go, but Jason tells him, "Stop being such a mummy's boy. Now go get your toothbrush and I'll call the cab." Heh.

MH. Barthelona. Emma is still awake, but not moving. John is sleeping on the floor in between the two beds. Jackie stealthily crawls out of bed and right on top of John. He tells her "no" for about one-half second, but her head quickly descends toward his crotch, and he loses all ability to speak or move. Because apparently, mouth-to-penis contact is as paralyzing as the poison of the famous blowfish. Poor Emma has to hear all of the sighing and moaning. Not to mention the slurping.

TWW. Forrest asks Santos what he would do to increase job security. Blah blah blah, job retraining. Santos thinks he can create a million jobs in his first term. Forrest asks Vinick how many jobs he would create in his first term. What is this, an auction? Vinick tells him that he wouldn't create any jobs, because it's not the President who creates jobs, it's entrepreneurs and private industry: "The President's job is to get out of their way." Santos thinks Vinick will "get out of the way" when corrupt executive are plundering companies. He actually says the word "Enron," which we've never heard on The West Wing, and which I think many fans assumed was not part of the show's universe. Vinick asserts that he'll be tough on white-collar crime. They argue about the responsibilities of large companies to honor pension promises and the fact that those promises make it impossible for those companies to compete. You know, that's what I do for a living, and even I'm bored. Vinick says that "an unthinking liberal" will call corporate leaders criminals. Santos interrupts him and tells him not to put words in his mouth. Vinick clarifies that he doesn't think Santos would say that: "You're not an unthinking liberal. Are you?" Santos defends the "liberal" tag by claiming that "liberals ended slavery in this country." Vinick notes that a Republican ended slavery, and Santos quickly responds that Lincoln was a liberal Republican: "What happened to them? They got run out of your party. What did liberals do that was so offensive to the liberal party?" Santos tells us all the neat things liberals have done, like ensuring the right to vote, promoting civil rights, creating Social Security, and protecting the environment. Santos tells Vinick that he's proud to be called a liberal.

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