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TWW. Forrest asks Vinick if we need more gun control. Surprise, surprise, Vinick thinks we don't. Santos notes that he owns three guns himself, and that he thinks there should be bullet control, with every bullet marked and traceable in the event it is used in a crime. I know some people thought Santos's phrasing here was stolen from Chris Rock. The only thing I see being stolen are precious moments of my life as I'm forced to watch this.

MH. Back at the Training Centre, the boys are still asleep -- remarkably, they haven't moved a muscle since the girls posed them. And then Janis leads a group of trainees into the room to show them the simulator. Her piercing voice wakes Marco and Jason, who slowly rise from behind some seats. The trainees start to laugh, and Janis asks them all to leave. When they're gone, she asks Marco if he has some compulsion to take his clothes off in public places. No -- unfortunately, his compulsion is to allow himself to be drugged by people who take his clothes off in public places. Janis congratulates Jason on finally coming out. She gives them five minutes to get dressed, and then leaves. The boys argue about who had whose dick in whose face. Jason asks Marco if they had sex, and Marco throws up. I would think he would be more used to the drugs by now.

TWW. Forrest asks Santos what the nation's energy policy should be. Santos thinks we need to develop alternative energy resources, "and stop letting the oil companies dictate our energy policy for us while they rack up record-high profits." Vinick accuses Santos of bashing big business. Santos tells Vinick, "I understand that the oil companies have given your campaign a lot of money..." Vinick: "So I'm their puppet? Is that what you're saying?" They argue about whether either of them is under the thumb of particular big donors. Forrest shuts them up. Woohoo!

MH. Barthelona. Jackie tells John and the pilot that the bus to the airport is there, and they all wonder where Emma is. Why, it turns out she's still on the roof. Where she is soon joined by Mr. Tall. He's there to tell her that she ruined his life: because he missed a custody hearing, he's going to lose custody of his daughter. And why were they trying to take custody away from him in the first place? Because he's allegedly unstable, that's why. She tells him she has to leave, but he locks the door to the stairs and throws the key away. Where did he get the keys? I'm guessing from the magical fairy who told him where to find Emma.

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