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TWW. Forrest asks Santos why we shouldn't drill in the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge ("ANWAR") if we need to reduce our dependence on foreign oil. Santos points out that ANWAR is only estimated to contain about a year's worth of oil, and he thinks that's not enough to make it worth despoiling a pristine wilderness. Vinick thinks that a year's worth of oil sounds great. And then he asks if Santos has ever been there, and whether Forrest has been there, and whether anyone in the audience has been there. In fact, he asks the audience to clap if they've ever been to ANWAR. None of them clap, so Tinkerbell dies. Anyway, the fact that nobody visits ANWAR means that it's perfectly fine to drill there. But he points out that he would never allow drilling in the Grand Canyon, because so many people visit it. This may be the one point during this debate where I thought they deliberately made Vinick look like an utter moron. The notion that tourism is the only reason to protect the environment is just too pathetic for words. I guess Vinick also thinks we should only preserve the attractive species of animals or the plants that smell nice. And we shouldn't bother to clean up chemical spills that are in places that are already kind of ugly.

MH. Marco and Jason prepare to walk into the Fresh Air employee lounge. Marco is nervous, but Jason tells him that nobody knows, so he should relax. And of course, they get a huge round of applause as they walk into the lounge. Will walks up to them and gives them some pamphlets on coming out, some condoms, and list of people who want Jason's phone number. Jason wonders how everybody heard about it so fast. Will leads them to a computer and shows them the pictures on Swede Dreams. Marco freaks out at the thought that his parents might see it. Do his parents often search the web for homoerotic pornography? Just then, Lehann walks in wearing a t-shirt with the naked picture of Jason and Marco on it. She has a bag full of them, and starts selling them to other flight attendants.

TWW. Forrest asks Santos whether he would support building more nuclear power plants. Santos would not, because we still don't know what to do with the radioactive waste those plants produce. Vinick claims that nuclear power is completely safe and dependable. Santos scoffs, and claims that the government should support the development of alternative energy sources. Vinick thinks the market will do that just fine on its own, and points to the success of hybrid cars like the Prius as proof of this. Santos thinks the market will not react in time to prevent global warming. Now it's Vinick's turn to scoff. They step away from their podiums to yell at each other about global warming. Once again, Forrest becomes my hero as he shuts them up.

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