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MH. Barthelona. Mr. Tall keeps yelling, Emma is scared. Blah blah blah. John walks out onto an adjoining roof or something. Somehow, he makes his way to Emma's roof and tries to get Mr. Tall to calm down. But Mr. Tall just gets more excited, telling Emma, "I'm gonna make you suffer," and runs at her. John is incredibly slow in trying to head him off. Mr. Tall tells Emma, "You're gonna take this moment to your grave." And then he throws himself off the roof. And that's why I only fly on airlines with assigned seats. Emma cries, and John comforts her.

TWW. Forrest has one last question on energy, asking Santos what he would do to ensure a dependable source of foreign oil for the foreseeable future. Santos starts by pledging that he will never go to war for oil. See, this is one of those things that just doesn't make sense in the context of the show. We've never seen the slightest hint that the Bartlet administration considered or was accused of going to war for oil, and we haven't heard any claims that earlier administrations did anything similar. So why is this an issue for Santos? In any case, Santos invites Vinick to take the same pledge, right there. Vinick refuses, arguing that it's (a) stupid and (b) beneath the dignity of the office of the President. He notes that we'll always be able to buy oil, because the nations that sell it will always need customers. I think this ignores the fact that there are more and more customers in the world willing to pay for the oil that's out there. Vinick points out that Canada is the largest supplier of oil to the U.S. If that's true, I say invade 'em now, before those homo-lovin' socialists decide to keep it all for themselves. ["You better give us our softwood lumber money back or we'll just sell it to China instead." -- Wing Chun]

MH. In London, the t-shirts are everywhere. Janis enters the lounge and yells at some people for doing something. Marco asks to speak with her. He wants to tell her that he was tricked and drugged, but she thinks he should be more worried about whether she's reported him to the higher-ups. He tells her he assumed that she already had, but she tells him that seeing Jason made a fool of was good enough for her, and that she doesn't plan to report this incident of public nudity. She walks away, but he follows her to tell her that he didn't actually have sex with Jason. Janis asks him, "Why would I care?" You guys, I kind of love Janis.

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