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TWW. We move on to closing statements. Santos tells us that Vinick has acknowledged that he has no plans for anything other than tax cuts, and that the country needs a President who will lead, and not just wait around for the market to solve every problem. Santos asks voters to consider what kind of leadership qualities they want in a President, and suggests that he's the guy who has 'em. He points out that other people have asked whether the U.S. is ready for a Latino President. He tells the audience that he has never asked if the country was ready for a Latino anything. He's only asked if he himself was ready for whatever task was in front of him. He claims that he is ready to be President, and asks for our vote.

MH. At the end of the work day, Jason and Lehann walk into the lounge. People are still ragging him about the t-shirt. One little queen tells him, "I always thought you were a homophobic twat." Jason: "I am." He asks Lehann to go along with him, announces that he's not gay, and then dips her back for a dramatic kiss. Everyone applauds. And then he looks at her, and we hear her voice from earlier asking him if he's ever been in love with a woman. Oh, Lehann. You can do much better than Jason.

TWW. Vinick gives his closing statement. He thinks that the two candidates have presented very different philosophies in the debate. Santos has more confidence in government. Vinick claims that he has more confidence in freedom. He asserts that we all want a government we can believe in, and a government that can actually do the tasks given to it. Vinick tell us that he has the experience to stand up to special interests and make the right choice. He's old, and he wants our vote.

MH. On the flight from Barthelona to London, Emma flashes back to everything we saw just a few moments ago. At least she's traveling as a passenger and not being forced to work through it. (Although I do kind of wish they had put her in a bulkhead seat, just as one final slap in the face to Mr. Tall.) John emerges from the cockpit to see how she's doing. And then he apologizes to her for the sexcapades with Jackie. That's so sweet. "I know you're feeling terribly guilty over having essentially killed a man, but would you please forgive me for accepting a blowjob from a skank while you were sleeping three feet away?" That's the stuff true romance is made of.

TWW. Forrest thanks the two candidates and the audience. The audience applauds, the two candidates shake hands, and their families join them on the stage. In addition to Helen and the kids, Santos is joined by a man and woman we've never seen before. Siblings? In-laws? Winners of a contest? Who knows? Vinick also has quite a gaggle of adult children and grandchildren on stage with him.

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