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The West Wing. Previously, Santos and Vinick agreed to a debate.

Vinick turns on the light in his dressing room and starts fidgeting with his collar and tie as we hear Forrest Sawyer warming up the debate audience in the background. Sheila knocks on the door and gives Vinick his three-minute warning, telling him that she needs to go downstairs to work the press. She sounds like she's talking to a nervous first-grader as she tells him, "Bruno's gonna walk you to the stage, okay?" Aw, is wittle Arnie nervous about the debate?

Mile High. A Fresh Air flight lands in Barcelona. Oh, I'm sorry -- I mean "Barthelona." On board, we find Emma, Jackie, and James preparing the plane for the flight back to London. James isn't feeling well -- apparently, he ate a bad prawn sandwich. Is there any other kind? Emma tells him to relax while she and Jackie prepare for boarding. As soon as he's out of earshot, Jackie starts bitching about the extra work. I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that Jackie is not a very nice person. Emma walks away just as John emerges from the cockpit. How conveeeenient that these two were assigned to the same flight. Jackie rips off John's clothes and goes to work. Or, she just licks her lips and asks him how it's going. She's not only a tramp, she's an unimaginative tramp, as she offers him "coffee, tea, or me." John tells that that, for now, he'll take either of the first two. Nice. Reject her, but leave open the chance that you'll take advantage of her at a later time. I can see why Emma is so hung up on this guy. Jackie points out that the Spanish air-traffic controllers are going to go on strike at any time, but John thinks the flight will get off okay, "as long as we don't miss our slot." Oh, John. Do you ever miss your slot?

Mile High. Emma is on her cell phone, speaking to new hubby Ian. As she hangs up the phone, she sees James passed out on the floor of the plane. Apparently, he's only partially passed out, because we do a quick cut to him sitting in a seat, drinking a glass of water, and apologizing for, you know, fainting. John tells him not to take the return flight, but to stay in Spain and see a doctor. James thinks that's a good idea, and tells Jackie and Emma that they'll have to work one person short on the flight to London. Jackie immediately jumps to the conclusion that, with James out of the picture, she'll be in charge, but he tells them both that Emma is his choice to take over as purser. Which I guess is what they call the head flight attendant. Jackie tries to argue, pointing out that she has seniority, but James, like George Bush, never changes his mind. Hmmm. Do you think Jackie will take this lying down? If you do, you've got another think coming.

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