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TWW. Lou is prepping Santos while Helen fixes his tie. Lou is marginally more calming than Bruno, by about one-tenth of a degree. Lou tells Santos that the worst thing he can do is get into an argument with the moderator. Yes, that is the worst thing you can do. I like how she thinks. Santos thinks the actual worst thing he can do is forget all of his preparation for the debate. They start walking down the backstage corridor as Santos nervously dabs his face with a handkerchief. I hope he doesn't smudge his makeup. Helen reminds him that he's been through worse things than the debate. He asks for an example, and she has to think for a second before coming up with, "Combat." Oh, Helen. Lou reminds Santos about the rule, and then tells him that Vinick will use the rules to avoid giving an answer to the question of how he's going to pay for his tax cuts. And then she tells Santos that he should feel free to do the same if he faces a question to which he has no answer: "If you get in a jam, just take a paragraph from your stump speech to get you to the red light." By this time, they've arrived at the wings, and Forrest Sawyer begins the formal introductions.

MH. Jason, Marco, and Will welcome passengers aboard a flight to Amsterdam. While the passengers are walking past them, Jason tells Marco that once they find a couple of hot girls, Jason will take the first pick and Marco can have the slightly less hot one. Classy. Will points out that Jason will never get Marco laid with Janis working as their supervisor. Janis, who is standing about two feet away from them, has apparently gone deaf, because she neither hears her crew planning on nailing passengers, nor does she hear Will call her "wagon dragon." Jason picks out a couple of hot women traveling together and tells Marco to help them with their hand luggage.

MH. Barthelona. Passengers are boarding the plane. Jackie is still griping about Emma's being put in charge. A kind of tall (but not too tall) man boards the plane and starts to ask Emma a question about his seat. And then Jackie breaks the news to Emma that there are two unaccompanied minors on the flight, and that they weren't sent to board early. The tall man is telling them, rather calmly, that he wants a bulkhead seat. He's carrying a stuffed pink bunny under his arm. Will it have some important symbolic meaning? I'm leaning toward "yes." The pilot wants to speak to Emma, and she tells Jackie to help the tall man. Jackie just ignores him and directs him to his assigned seat. Oh, hey, there's some other boy flight attendant working on the plane as well. In the cockpit, Emma, John, and the pilot make some small talk about whether they are on schedule. They are, but John can't resist mocking Emma for wanting to get home so that she and her husband can meet with a real estate agent.

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