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MH. On the ground in Amsterdam, Jason tells Marco that his next trick for picking up women involves telling them that he used to be a hairdresser. Right. You're a flight attendant, and you tell women that you used to be a hairdresser. That's sure to send the signal that you are massively heterosexual. We're treated to a little flashback of Jason telling a woman that she has great hair, which he can tell because he used to be a hairdresser. It ends with him stroking the hair. On her head. In the cabin, Will comes upon a couple of buxom blondes who are working on their laptop. He tells them they'll have to turn it off and stow it, and then sees that they are working on a homoerotic web site called "Swede Dreams: Fantasy Boys from Around the World." Wouldn't you know, Will is a huge fan, and he conspiratorially leans in and asks if they can do him a favor. (The real Swede Dreams is an Abba cover band -- just in case you were planning on looking for the site.)

TWW. Forrest points out that the centerpiece of Vinick's campaign is his promise to cut taxes. He asks Vinick how he plans to cut spending to pay for the tax cuts. Vinick thinks the solution is to cut taxes and then force Congress to cut back on spending in response to the reduced revenue. Because that has worked so well in the past. Santos points out that Vinick didn't answer the question, and insists that tax increases targeted to the very wealthy can help reduce the deficit. (During this exchange, Vinick refers to Santos as "President Santos." Bruno just threw himself off the roof of a very tall building.) Blah blah blah, the rich pay more than their fair share of taxes, blah blah blah, the rich pay less than many middle-class taxpayers do. In the end, with Forrest pushing both candidates, neither one is able to identify any specific spending cuts he would make to help balance the budget. I was kind of hoping one of them would come up with some of the $60 billion in fat that has been identified in the military budget.

MH. On the Amsterdam to London flight, Jason and Marco are preparing the drink cart when one of the Swedes walks by on the way to the bathroom and gives Jason a sultry look. Jason leaves Marco to go chat up the other Swede. Back in the galley, Marco continues to work on the drink cart while Janis stands with her back to him. He suavely leans over and says, "Janis, I used to be a hairdresser." She's not sure what the hell he's going on about. And then he walks up to her, tells her she has really nice hair, and strokes it. Again, I mean he strokes her hair. Janis: "Marco?" Marco (sultrily): "Janis." Janis: "What the hell do you think you're doing?" Like his near namesake, Marco is smooth as silk. Meanwhile, Will is spinning some story of sensitive heartbreak to one of the Swedes. The other Swede walks up and tells Will that her friend is deaf and can't speak: "But for all other purposes, her tongue is in full working order." Um, ew? Jason can't believe that his advances are actually being welcomed. The Speaking Swede tells Jason that she and the Silent Swede are staying at the airport hotel and would love to get together with him and Marco when they are finished with all their flights for the day. She promises him that it will be "a very interesting evening." So, I guess they won't be watching The West Wing debate. Commercials.

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