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MH. On the Barthelona to London flight, John and the pilot decide that they have to return to Barthelona to drop off Mr. Tall. Emma is not pleased, since it will mean she'll be late for her appointment with the real estate agent. Emma emerges from the cockpit to find Jackie waiting for her. Jackie comments on Emma's bruise, which is pink and shiny. It's the kind of bruise Lana Lang would get. Jackie tells Emma that if she were in charge, none of this would have happened. Emma finally grows a pair, and tells Jackie, "Shut the fuck up." And then she has to break the news to the passengers that they are returning to Barthelona. Mr. Tall, who is trussed up like a turkey, starts freaking out and promises to behave if they will just keep going to London. Soon, the plane lands in Barthelona and Mr. Tall is escorted off the plane by some Spanish bobbies (Robertos?). As he is dragged away, he screams at Emma, "You've no idea what you've done!" And then the air-traffic controllers go on strike, and the plane is grounded. After Emma makes the announcement to the passengers, Jackie stops to tell her that she's looking forward to being stuck with John. Where she wants to be stuck, she doesn't say.

TWW. Forrest asks Santos what he thinks the proper role for the federal government is in education. Santos proposes that the federal government should help level the playing field between rich school districts and poor school districts. Vinick claims that Washington, D.C. spends more per student than any other school system and has the lowest scores. Santos argues that he's not just proposing new spending, but also supporting innovative approaches to education. Blah blah blah, vouchers, blah blah blah, taking money away from public schools and giving it to private schools. Santos rips Vinick for opposing Head Start. Vinick claims it doesn't work. Gasp!. I'm sorry, that wasn't me -- it was the audience of overpaid extras. Santos claims that it works, but that the good effects are lost because many public elementary schools are so bad. Santos thinks that American students can become #1 in math and science in ten years. Vinick: "That's a lie!" Unseen audience member: "You're a liar!" Security escorts the guy out as the audience gasps (or boos, or something -- they're not very clear). Forrest tells the audience to stay silent for the rest of the debate. And then he tells the Vinick to be more polite or he will close the thread. Er, I mean, "he will go back to the original rules." Vinick clarifies that he doesn't think Santos is deliberately lying, but that it's just not true that American students can be #1. He thinks that not everyone should want to go to college, and that there are plenty of good jobs for non-college graduates. ["Which I happen to agree with." -- Wing Chun] And he thinks our universities are the best in the world. ["As the graduate of two fine Canadian universities: hey!" -- Wing Chun] Santos slams Vinick for not proposing a single idea to improve public schools, and suggests that if he doesn't improve education during his first term as President, people should not vote for him for reelection. The audience totally disses Forrest by applauding Santos.

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