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I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream

Tuesday, 1:30 AM. Hour 50. Jed comes out of the Residence and walks slowly over to Toby's office. Toby was just about to sit down when Jed appears and says, "Toby." Toby quickly stands up, Jed says he didn't mean to startle him, and Toby says he's just surprised to see him down in the office. Jed says, "They haven't revoked my pass yet." Martin Sheen has a nice smile. He encourages Toby to sit. Toby asks if there's anything he can do for him. Jed wants a cigarette. Abby doesn't let him smoke in the Residence but he usually has some hidden in the Oval Office. Toby thinks he might have a couple of cigars. Jed's not interested in any stogies. He hesitates in front of the TV monitor, where the sound is off, but Walken is holding yet another press briefing. Neither Jed nor Toby says anything. You know, I realize this is a serious, upsetting time, but it's hard to believe people would have so little to say -- nothing to express, no tears, nothing. Here's Jed with the staffer he's probably had the most trouble connecting with, possibly the person he clashes with most (other than Abby), and they've just got nothing to say. How many scenes do we need with people saying next to nothing to prove the point that words are inadequate at times like this? Not that many. Jed wonders what Toby's working on. Toby looks like he was hoping Jed wouldn't ask that, but says it's the speech for when Jed comes back. Jed asks how it's going. Toby: "Fine. Tough." Jed wants to have a look, so he fishes his glasses out of his pocket. Good thing Will's working on the "Zoey dies" version. Toby says he's still working on the ending. Looking through it, and not at Toby, Jed asks: "Where's the other one?" Toby plays dumb -- which is so beneath him -- and says, "What other one?" It's also a total insult to Jed's intelligence. Jed looks at him and says, "The other speech." And Toby lies -- lies! -- and says, "We only wrote one." Jed just gazes at him until he gives it up. Jed reads, asking if Toby wrote it. Toby says it was Will: "But...we won't need it, sir." Jed draws in a breath that almost sounds like a sniffle and reads, "'The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away...' Do you mind if I take this with me?" Toby doesn't mind. Jed leaves, saying, "Maybe I can bum a smoke off one of the agents." Toby says, "You take care of yourself, Mr. President." Jed pauses and nods, replacing his glasses in his pocket. That was painful, and not for the reasons it should have been.

At the FBI Command Center, a woman receives a phone call. She puts him on hold and walks into another office to tell Casper: "We may have something."

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