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I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream

That whole scene took only two minutes. Two minutes to resolve a four-episode story arc, and I use the word "resolve" loosely. There are so many questions here I hardly know where to begin: who were the kidnappers? Were they professionals connected to the Qumari government, or was Nancy right -- were they just amateurs? What does the barn have to do with anything? How does it connect to finding Zoey? These guys kidnap the President's daughter, and they only have three people with her? One of whom is asleep? Are any of the abductors from the group of the five sleepers? Was there any other evidence in the house? And on and on -- I'm just scratching the surface here. Most importantly: how does this shit get past the producers? Oh wait, a producer wrote it. Well, there you go. I am amazed that a storyline that started with such a bang could end with such a pathetic, anticlimactic whimper. I felt almost nothing -- nothing! -- during this scene, other than a slight twinge when Abby called out Zoey's name. And I am someone who can cry at the drop of a hat. I am a crier, and I was all prepared to feel something here. What a dumsquizzling waste of dramatic potential. God, if you can't milk even something maudlin out of a scenario like that...I can't help you. I've had more moving encounters with my tax lawyer.

Jed's all suited up and ready for action again, as he walks confidently along the portico, followed by Josh and Toby. He enters the Oval Office, where Leo, Will, C.J., and Walken are waiting for him. C.J. looks sharp in a strong red suit. Jed approaches the desk and asks Mr. President whether he's "ready to do this." He is. Leo presents the letter, Jed signs it, and that's that. Leo and the Fab Four breathe regular again. Jed presents Walken with the fountain pen as a fabulous parting gift. Walken takes it, saying, "Hmm. Hmm." I can't really hear that, but the closed captioning says it, and they couldn't closed-caption it if it weren't true. Except, not. I think Walken actually means to say, "Aw, a pen? I wanted a ride on Air Force One." Anyway, POTUS shakes hands with King Ralph and asks if he's going to run again. Walken claims not to have decided. And if you believe that...well, nobody's taken me up on those gym socks yet. Jed: "If you do, let me know. I'll come campaign for you." Aw. Walken grins, "I'm not so sure that'd be a plus in my district, Mr. President." Which is what? Bedrock? Jed wonders if he'll stick around for the press conference. Ex-President Flintstone: "Thank you, Mr. President, but I think the nation's best served by seeing only one President at a time." Jed nods a tiny nod. Walken leaves, shaking Leo's hand as he goes. When he's at the door, Jed says, "Glen...thank you." Walken nods and leaves. Jed looks almost sad to see him go.

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