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I have to start by saying that I was very disturbed last week to learn how many of you did not know who the Heat Miser and Snow Miser are. (I'm also embarrassed that I called the Snow Miser the "Cold Miser," but I'll learn to live with it.) Please help me understand by completing the poll.

Also, I have to point out that while I thought this was a fine episode, it has been incredibly hard to make fun of. (Dead soldier and all.) So your laugh expectations should be low. But the good news is that I got a new job, so I'm a very happy boy right now.

Open on a scale model of a building. It's Jed's Presidential Library -- he's looming over it like Jedzilla and talking about how the buildings used to be vacant and in disrepair. Apparently, rather than construct some gaudy new building, Jed is planning on renovating what looks to be a former factory building (or, as we call it in New England, a mill). There's receptiony music playing in the background, and you can hear the clink of champagne glasses. The reporter Jed is speaking with congratulates him on the library, and asks him if he's also pleased about his poll numbers. Jed: "I don't pay attention to polls." Lie! Jed is told that 57% of Americans say they would support him for a third term, but Jed doesn't want such a thing mentioned in front of his architect: "He'll think it extends his deadline." I know that's why Wing Chun is careful about what she says in front of me. C.J. tells the reporter that "photos only" means photos only, and escorts him out of the party.

Suddenly, we switch focus to Josh and Toby. Toby is chastising Josh: "Oh, for God's sake, you're not still calling this guy?" Josh: "Matt Santos?" See, Toby thinks Josh and Matt are just not right for each other, and like any good girlfriend, he's trying to get Josh to see the light. Actually, Toby thinks Santos is a quitter. But Josh tells Toby that Santos called Josh: "He wants to sit down again tomorrow." Oh my God, maybe he's going to give you his class ring! Toby wonders if Santos changed his mind about running for reelection, and Josh says that he "leaned on [Santos] pretty hard." Well yes, but that was flirting. I'm not sure it would actually change Santos's mind.

Now we pan over to Donna, who is telling Margaret, "He's so persistent. It's embarrassing." Well she's clearly not talking about Josh, unless by "persistent" she means "persistently indifferent." Margaret tells her to enjoy the attention. Josh and Toby join them, and Donna looks at the glass of wine in Josh's hand and says, "Well aren't you sweet." Josh stumbles a bit and then offers her the glass, but she reminds him that she doesn't drink red. He claims to have known that, and offers to get her a glass of white. Just as Margaret starts to tell him that she drinks red, Josh takes a sip out of the glass. Toby ends all of the potential embarrassment by bringing over glasses of champagne for Donna and Margaret.

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