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Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary

In Toby's office, he and Leo are arguing about defense systems. Poor Leo, trying anywhere and everywhere to find an ally. Toby sees Sam come back into the area and Leo says he's going "back in there," by which I think he means the reception. Toby asks Sam whether he's been getting questions. Sam says he has. Toby asks, "From the press, or..." Sam replies, "The press'll be tomorrow." He explains that the questions are coming from the chairman of the GDC, four Congressmen, and the Secretary of the Interior. Sam looks Toby right in the eye as he states, "I told them, 'Sometimes friends have to be honest with each other.' I said exactly what you told me to say, which coincidentally is exactly what C.J. told me to say, which is remarkable when you consider that C.J. was in New York during the event and didn't speak to you afterward. I mean, it's almost as if there were people who already knew it was gonna happen." He walks past Toby out of his office. As Toby tries to respond, Sam says under his breath, "Get away from me." Sam hurries over to the Oval Office (to rip a strip off Jed? Has he learned nothing from Josh's outburst a month ago?) just as Charlie's coming out. Sam asks, "Is it possible I could get in for just a minute?" Unfortunately for Sam, Toby has followed him over and is at the door behind him, shaking his head slightly at Charlie. Charlie says POTUS's schedule is pretty tight and that he doesn't think he can get Sam in. Sam turns and sees Toby at the doorway. Toby walks away. He kind of glares at Charlie and hustles out. Sam, I think Toby might just have done you a big favour. Unless you'd like to spend several hours being grilled by Adam Arkin.

Back at the reception, Donna is grilling Marbury about eligible royals. Marbury cites a certain Edward, Earl of Ulster. Donna asks if Marbury thinks Edward would like her. He asks if she dates younger men. Donna says, "I'll date anything with a pulse." No, she actually says, "Sure, how old is he?" Marbury replies, "Five." Donna suggest they "stick a pin" in that one for a while. Just then Leo comes up and asks if he's interrupting. Marbury takes the opportunity to paw Donna's arm and says, "Not at all.". Donna tells Leo that Marbury was telling her about how royal men are schooled in the ways of courtship. "King George the Third, for example, sailed his bride up the Thames to music that was specially composed." Leo says, "That was just a few years before we opened up a big can of whup-ass on him at Yorktown." Donna can tell this conversation is not going in a direction that will get her a date with any member of a royal family, so she drifts off. Leo and Marbury bicker a bit until Marbury says, "You've also forgotten that we're both signatories to the '72 ABM treaty, of which this shield is in clear violation. You've forgotten that it will compel China to strengthen their nuclear arsenal. You've forgotten that the European allies have strong reservations about the shield, and you've forgotten that it doesn't work." Leo replies, "You know what I haven't forgotten?" Marbury asks, "What?" Leo replies, "That we opened up a big can of whup-ass on you at Yorktown." Charlie calls Leo away at that moment. Donna sidles up to Charlie with a glass of champagne, and announces, "I'm going to correspond with Edward, Earl of Ulster, once he learns how to read and write." Charlie, puzzled, just says okay and leaves.

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