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Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary

POTUS comes into the Oval Office from Leo's office, where he's been on the phone with various politicians and activists, all pretty unhappy with his GDC dinner remarks. He complains about all this to Josh and Leo, who have been waiting in his office. Jed says, "The number of different words they had for 'manipulative' -- Leo, there's no way they didn't have a thesaurus open in front of them." A guy from the Sierra Club said that if Jed keeps this up, he's going to encourage Seth Gillette in a third-party bid. Leo asks what Jed said. Jed replies, "I said for fifty bucks and a ride to the airport Gillette could have the job right now." Josh chuckles. Leo asks again, "What'd you say?" Jed states, "I politely reminded him that it's probably not a good idea to threaten the President." He bellows for Nancy, Mrs. L's assistant. He puts his suit jacket on in his inimitable way. Nancy comes in and Jed tells her to tell Charlie he's ready. In the meantime, he's also telling Leo he wants to know that Leo's not pushing him on the missile shield because he wants Jed to look strong on defense. Leo says he's not, that he's pushing him because he believes the shield works. Jed asks, "Based on what?" Leo: "Confidence...and the understanding that there's been a time in the evolution of everything that works when it didn't work." Leo's not only like Charlie Brown in the football respect, he also exhibits the perverse mixture of optimism and persistence that makes Charlie keep trying to fly his hopeless kites. Josh pipes up: "You know, can I say this? Why don't we just give the sixty billion dollars to North Korea in exchange for not bombing us?" Jed comments, "It's almost hard to believe you're not on the National Security Council." Josh adds, "I know! I feel they're missing an important voice."

Marbury is escorted in at this moment, and Jed explains why he's been waiting. "I have to see people in the order in which they arrive, and you got beat by Argentina." Hee! Good little dig there. Marbury, at an uncharacteristic loss for words, says, "Oh, uh...yes." Jed informs him that he also lost out on preferred seating for the State of the Union. Marbury: "I'm required to attend the State of the Union?" Jed confirms this. "Then attend it I shall." Chitchat dispensed with, the Chief of Protocol presents Marbury, but before Jed signs the papers, he asks Marbury, "Where are you on the missile shield?" As Leo looks on seriously, Marbury replies, "Well, I think it's dangerous, illegal, fiscally irresponsible, technologically unsound, and a threat to all people everywhere." But other than that, you're all for it? Jed then says, "Leo?" Leo: "I think the world invented a nuclear weapon. I think the world owes it to itself to see if it can't invent something that would make it irrelevant." Marbury says, "Well, that's the right sentiment, and certainly a credible one from a man who's fought in a war. You think you can make it stop? Well, you can't. We build a shield. Somebody will build a better missile." Jed breaks up this lovefest by saying, "Well, it's a discussion for serious men. They say a statesman is a politician who's been dead for fifteen years. I'd like us to be statesmen while we're still alive." If that means wearing the white ties and tails again you can count Charlie out. Jed goes back to the song-and-dance again, and makes Marbury an Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, too. Marbury thanks him. Leo shakes his hand and very genuinely says, "Congratulations." Marbury says to Leo, also quite sincerely, "God bless America." Leo warmly replies, "God save the Queen." Jed and Marbury pose for pictures. Josh wonders who he'd have to sleep with to get on the National Security Council.

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