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Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary

After the commercials, C.J.'s holding a press briefing, describing the ceremony by which people are made ambassadors to the United States. She basically explains everything already covered in the Sumatra scene above, so I'm not going to reiterate it here. One reporter asks if there's a particular order in which ambassadors are received; basically, they're taken according to the order in which they arrived in Washington. Sumatra arrived from Thailand first; then POTUS will be seeing Peter Hans of Sweden, followed by Her Excellency Renee Ernesto of Argentina, then Noah Jola of Burkina Faso. She adds, "The newly named British Ambassador will be arriving in the United States just as soon as he's been newly named." The reporters are confused, thinking that someone had already been named, but he withdrew due to family obligations. His replacement withdrew due to severe illness. Since we've already seen Roger Rees in the previews and his name in the credits, I think we can pretty much assume that Lord John Marbury has a new job. (And yes, I'm aware that it should probably be John, Lord Marbury, but this is what the show's calling him, so that's what we're going with.) C.J. says as soon as she knows who it is, she'll tell them. She basically dismisses them, but as they leave, she wants to know whether any of them want to know who's been here the longest. "The dean of the diplomatic corps, anybody? Guys, you know, I study these things just for you." Everyone chatters amongst themselves as they disperse, ignoring C.J. She announces, "It's Prince Bandar bin Sultan of Saudi Arabia."

As C.J. and Carol leave the room, C.J. complains, "I could have also told them that Burkina Faso has a population of eleven million, and in even years, they host Africa's largest crafts market." Carol enthusiastically says, "Yes." C.J. wants a chance to use this knowledge. It arrives in the form of Sam. He comes up to them and she says, "You know the chief crops of Burkina Faso?" Sam, astonishingly, doesn't. C.J. recites, "Millet, sorghum, rice, peanuts, and cotton." Sam couldn't (or could) care less. Pick whichever you like. He tells her to mention in her afternoon briefing that they've accepted a last-minute invitation for the President to address the Global Defense council tomorrow night, since their keynote speaker fell through. Sam explains that they're going to use this opportunity to launch CARE, and that's what he wants her to announce. Sam explains that CARE stands for Clean Air Rehabilitation Effort. C.J. pretends to know what it's about; Sam insists she doesn't. In her defense, C.J. point out that she's not involved in the nuances of environmental policy. Sam says, "Which will come as a relief to environmentalists." He says he'll brief her later. She reminds him that she knew the crops of Burkina Faso.

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