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But We've Got Surprise On Our Side, Right?

Previously on The West Wing: Leo suggested that Jed was afraid of White House Counsel Oliver Babish; Jed consulted Babish on whether he's committed fraud; Babish determined that Jed has never committed to paper any falsehoods about his health; C.J. wondered why Toby was lying to her; Charlie alerted Leo to a problem relating to Zoey's college admission paperwork, thereby revealing that he's known about Jed's MS; Jed told Leo about the paperwork, which omitted any mention of his MS.

It's 5:30 AM, and C.J. is waiting outside Babish's office. She looks tired, sad, and thoughtful. Obviously, she's been told. Babish enters, wondering whether anyone saw her come in. C.J. doesn't know, because she wasn't paying that much attention. Babish wishes she would. They enter his office. C.J. says that she walked there from her office; Babish asked whether there were any reporters around her office. She replies, "Not at five-thirty in the morning, no." Babish asks when she found out about POTUS's MS. She found out last night, when Leo told her. There was no one else there. He asks, "Have you ever lied about the President's health?" C.J., crossing her arms, wonders whether she should have her lawyer present. Babish pulls stuff out of his briefcase and says that he's her lawyer. C.J. believes that he's the President's lawyer. Babish says that he's the White House Counsel, and repeats his question. C.J. wants to know when Bartlet told Babish; it was six days ago. He told Josh two days after that, and Toby two days before he told Babish. He asks her again, but C.J. mentions that Bartlet told Leo over a year ago. Babish acknowledges this. C.J., losing a little patience, replies, "And I've had this for six hours now. So maybe giving me some room wouldn't be totally out of line. You know what I'm saying, Oliver?" Babish says he's going to have to ask her some questions: "And the less you can be pissed at the world for no particular reason, the better I think." All right, that was out of line. I hardly think she qualifies as being "pissed at the world for no particular reason." I think she's got plenty to be pissed about, not the least of which is being badgered by White House Counsel at 5:30 AM. C.J. points out that she doesn't know him, she was just told to report to him. She brings up the fact that he's been there only three months, and wonders why she should trust him. Babish declares, "Well, I don't care if you trust me or not!" She comments, "Imagine my shock." His rejoinder: "I got better things to do with my imagination." Yeesh, that line's a clunker in this context. Just didn't work at all. It comes out of nowhere and falls flat. C.J. replies, "I think this is going really well so far, Oliver. It's almost hard to believe that four different women have sued you for divorce." Babish sits down and takes his tone down a notch: "Well, you can do that if you want, C.J. I've been through it a couple of times with Josh and Toby, but sooner or later you're going to have to answer questions." He clarifies that she'll either have to answer his questions or be subpoenaed to answer a grand jury's questions. C.J. grabs a chair, saying, as she sits down, "Well, I have to tell you, it'll be the first time I've been asked out in quite a while, so..." So clearly there's something very wrong in the world when C.J. has no social life. ["Especially since I hear she's good in bed." -- Wing Chun] Babish informs her, "It's quite possible that the President has committed multiple counts of a federal crime, to which you were an accomplice." C.J. tells him that that has sunk in since she found out. Babish seems to surprised to hear it: "Then why don't you knock off the cutie-pie crap and answer the damn question?" C.J. is unfazed by Babish's hostility. She asks what the question was; Babish says, "Have you ever lied about the President's health? What is your answer?" C.J. pauses, tosses her head in a subtle, matter-of-fact way, and replies, "Many, many times." And we're into the credits. Wow, less than three pages for the opening. Yay, me.

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