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The Fall's Gonna Kill You

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But We've Got Surprise On Our Side, Right?

Outside on the street, Josh runs to catch up with C.J. It's a windy night. He mentions his meeting with Joey Lucas, about which C.J. already knew. Josh says that the President has Leo worried that it's going to look like they announced it because they took a poll. He asks C.J. what she thinks. She starts to laugh; the laugh is a mixture of helplessness and hysteria. Bear in mind, I'll bet she was up all night, and given that she was probably at work early the day before, and that it's pretty late now, she's probably been up for at least thirty-six hours, if not more, and was being bitch-slapped by Babish for a good portion of those. I'd be pretty punchy myself. Josh is puzzled. She stops walking, and asks, "The President and Leo are worried about that?" Josh is all, "Yeah. What?" It strikes me that they could be having this conversation in a more discreet location than a busy street. C.J. collects herself and says, "You guys are like Butch and Sundance peering over the edge of a cliff to the boulder-filled rapids 350 feet below, thinking you better not jump 'cause there's a chance you might drown. The President has this disease and has been lying about it. And you guys are worried that the polling might make us look bad? It's the fall that's gonna kill you." (Pre-emptive note for forum nitpicking: I believe the actual quotation is "The fall'll probably kill you!" But you know, it's close enough, and in reality, people rarely get quotations right. ["According to the IMDb, Deborah's right." -- Wing Chun]) She collapses into laughter again. When she stops, Josh says, "'Us.'" C.J.: "What?" Josh: "You said, 'It's the fall that's gonna kill you.' You meant 'us.'" She starts to walk away and Josh asks where she's going. She says she's going home; she knows what Josh meant, and she just wants to sleep for a while. Josh walks and catches up to her again, and mentions the fax about the Chinese satellite. C.J. says they get faxes once a week about stuff falling out of the sky. Josh points out that Donna doesn't know that, and that she thinks it's an emergency. He didn't tell her because he gets a day's worth of entertainment out of it. How very grade-school. Too bad it wasn't actually more entertaining. Josh mentions that stuff falls out of the sky once every ten days on average, and that ever since the first year they started putting stuff up there, 17,000 objects have come back: "And remarkably, not one person has been hit. So I suppose there's an argument to be made that we're due." C.J.: "Yeah. You picked me right up there, Josh." She walks away. He calls out, "See you tomorrow." She keeps walking, into the wind.

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