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But We've Got Surprise On Our Side, Right?

In the hall, Toby asks when Joey Lucas is getting there; Josh says six o'clock. Toby tells him, "You do this carefully." Josh: "No kidding." Toby asks, "You trust this person?" Josh replies, "I gotta trust somebody right now." Toby: "Good, 'cause I don't trust anybody right now." He walks away, at which point Donna catches up with Josh. She gives him all the details on the Chinese satellite falling out of its orbit. Josh asks, "What are you telling me for?" Donna babbles anxiously for a bit, and asks whether they don't sound the alarm of something. Josh: "Sound the alarm?" Donna, disillusioned yet again in the course of her government career: "There is no alarm." Josh: "There's really not." Josh goes over to where Mr. Connelly has been waiting patiently. He calls him "Martin," apologizes for keeping him waiting, and invites him to come back to his office. Donna's still anxiously buzzing around him; Josh casually tells her to give the fax to the Press Office. She says that the deputies are at breakfast and that she doesn't know where C.J. is. Josh tells her that C.J.'s meeting with Babish and that he'll be in his office. Donna pouts, "You're not concerned about this?" Josh breezes into his office, saying, "No."

In his office, Josh apologizes to Martin again for the wait. Josh's pager goes off, as Martin says that he assumes Josh knows why he's there. Josh doesn't. Martin says that Mac Sheridan was supposed to talk to Josh first. Josh gestures with his pager, saying that he has a call to return to Mac. Martin says that he should wait until they talk. Josh suggests that Martin just talk to him right now. Martin says that the case is running out of money. Josh can't believe it. He points out they spent $13 million the first year, and $23 million the second year: "Where's the money going?" Martin replies, "Outside counsel and staff, depositions, expert witnesses, processing, database, research...we have thirty-one lawyers on a case against five tobacco companies, just one of which has 342 [lawyers]. We won't count the thirteen subsidiaries that have mounted their own defense. Tobacco has spent 380 million to the government's thirty-six. So when I come here asking for money, it's not 'cause the Justice Department blew its allowance on videogames!" Josh listens to all this with a serious but seemingly unsympathetic look. Martin says that he should have let Mac talk to him first. Josh inquires, "Aren't you allowed to transfer funds..." Martin interjects that they have been doing that, transferring money from Commerce and from Health and Human Services to pay for the lawsuit: "But then the House passed HR-260, and now the Committees...you understand?" Josh gets it. He's going to run it by Leo. Martin says, as he gets up to leave, "This is a fight worth winning." Josh: "You don't have to convince me." Me either. Big Tobacco Companies are my villains of choice. ["As we were watching this, Glark said he wonders why there aren't micro-cigarette producers, like micro-breweries, that are collectively known as Little Tobacco. I think that would be cute." -- Wing Chun] Martin continues, "These people perpetrated a fraud against the public." Josh, absently: "I'm sorry?" Martin repeats himself. Josh looks concerned: "The tobacco companies?" Martin says, "Yeah!" Josh says he'll talk to Leo. Martin thanks him and leaves. The expression on Josh's face is pensive.

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