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But We've Got Surprise On Our Side, Right?

We're watching some old footage of C.J. on a monitor, giving information about the results of one of Bartlet's physicals. As she says the President is in excellent physical health, Babish snaps the tape off and C.J. says, "What was that, March of last year?" Babish says yeah, and asks her how many times she's done that. She says she'd have to go back and check. Babish wants her to estimate. She says that if that was March of last year, that would have been POTUS's fourth physical, and then there were a couple of times during the campaign, and then after the shooting, and the time he rode his bicycle into a tree. That is, "came to a sudden arboreal stop." I still love that. Babish asks her to explain how it works when the President has a physical. C.J. explains that the President's physician, who is currently Admiral Leonard Morrow, calls and gives her a brief statement, including vitals. And then she makes a statement to the press. He asks whether she also speaks to the President before she makes a statement. She does, because of doctor-patient confidentiality; there is some information she can only get from POTUS himself. Babish: "So what do you ask the President?" C.J. replies, "I say, 'Is there anything I should know about your health that the doctors won't tell me?'" Babish asks whether she asks if there's anything she should know or if there's anything she needs to know. C.J. wonders what difference it makes. Babish explains that using "need to know" implies that she only wants to know enough to face reporters while maintaining deniability. C.J. says it's just an expression, and that she really doesn't remember if she said that. I wouldn't either. She says, "I don't choose my words that carefully." Babish says, "With the President?" C.J. asks, "You think I was speaking with the President in code?" Babish replies, "No. I was just asking." Someone knocks; it's the staffer I call Nicole. She comes in with a note for C.J. from Chicken Little...I mean, "Donna Moss." C.J. reads it, and then gestures with the fax toward Oliver, saying, "The sky is falling down." Over the commercials, we can ponder the obviousness of having this satellite subplot threaded through the main story. I think it's a bit much, myself.

Sam's in the Roosevelt Room with a lot of staffers, going over the speech he's working on. A woman and a man, neither of whom I recall having seen before, knock on the door, and Sam tells his staff to think about fundamentals while he excuses himself to answer the door.

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