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Previously on The West Wing: Bruno Gianelli wanted unfettered access to POTUS, but was told he couldn't have it; Abby realized that the reason they're making a case against her is because they don't have one against the President; Leo suggested leaking the fact that Buckland tried to blackmail the President; Abby told Jed to go to hell.

The scene opens with a shot of the Presidential Seal on the rug in the Oval Office, and Jed's and C.J.'s feet. They're sitting in the side chairs alongside the sofas. POTUS says, "I'm not wild about Camp David. I'm not the only one, either. Bess Truman didn't like it. I read that somewhere. She thought it was dull." Like this scene, and much of this episode? He continues, "But there I go: Thanksgiving at Camp David." C.J., whose affect is almost that of one in a coma, says, "Yeah." Sure, she's supposed to be bored silly, but the whole thing is so tortured and flat that it comes off really badly. Just wait. You'll see. He states that it's not a place you'd go at Thanksgiving, particularly if (as he does), you have a farm. C.J. inquires, "Isn't Camp David a farm?" Oh, good Lord. I really and truly think the White House Press Secretary would know this. Even if she's never been there, which she probably hasn't. I've never been there, and I know it's not a farm. Along with much of the viewing audience, POTUS wonders why C.J. would think that. C.J. shrugs, and with something like meek indifference replies, "I don't know...it's outside?" Attention staffers: Leave. The. White. House. Now. Could these people possibly need to get a life any more than they do? Suggestion: Go outside once in a while. The graphics are amazing. POTUS tells her that farms have things you can grow, and animals. (Like at Manchester, where they were a couple of months ago?) How much of a bubble does she live in? She's never heard "I'm Too Sexy" before Autumn 2001, and she has no idea that Camp David is a mountain retreat? POTUS informs her semi-sternly, "I want you to learn more about farms." C.J. -- lightly, trying not to sound too sarcastic or weary: "There's more?" She pretends to agree to this. Actually, it sounds like she needs to learn more about Camp David.

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