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Josh speaks to Leo about the DeKalb case. Leo finally tells Josh that the reason the White House is involving itself in a matter that would normally be handled at the local and state level is that he doesn't want the President to get a phone call from the Pope about this. This kid's parents sure were clever, sending him to Rome. Josh agrees with Leo that they do not want it to be taken to that level. Leo tells Josh to forget the Italians and try to work it from their side. Josh says that means getting the DA to guarantee he won't ask for the death penalty, and wonders how they're supposed to do that. Leo says, "DeKalb's the Georgia Fourth. When Drier was elected from the Georgia Fourth, election before last, Faragut was who he beat." Faragut's the DeKalb DA. Josh considers this for a moment and says, "Well, I suppose there's a time for scruples and a time for...you know..." Leo: "Not?" Josh: "Yeah." Leo tells him that Faragut's left the office, but that he's going to be on the 8 PM US Airways flight out of Hartsfield going to DFW. Josh is on it, and leaves.

Out in the hallway, Donna's perched on a narrow table making some notes while she speaks on the phone. She hangs up and tells Josh she's got him on standby on a direct flight to Boca, where he can rent a car. He tells her to cancel it because he needs a layover in Atlanta. Donna groans and says, "Of course you do." Josh says, "I need to get there about an hour before an eight o'clock flight would take off." Donna: "That would be around seven?" Josh sighs. "I haven't done the math." Maybe...you're not the guy to comment on the new OMB formulas. He says that he also needs some information on Faragut, starting with a recent picture. He also tells her to call his mother and tell her he'll be late. Donna: "Josh? You call your mother." Josh: "Right."

Sam is pacing outside Toby's office again. Toby's packing up to leave. He notices Sam and says, "I should be able to at least fire paintballs at you while you do that." That I'd like to see. Sam says, "It's harder to get elected if you feature the underclass. It's harder to help them if you hide 'em." That is a sticky wicket. Toby suggests that they recalibrate the formula to make everyone over the $20,000 line rich, and everyone under it middle-class. Sam: "Then they'd all vote Republican, wouldn't they?" Toby chuckles mirthlessly. Sam says he thinks they should talk to Bruno when they all get back from the weekend. Toby asks why. Sam explains, "Because I think that if it's anything short of a torpedo in the side of the campaign, we should take it to Leo." That doesn't sound right, does it? Maybe he's being sarcastic. He adds, "I think even if it is a torpedo in the side of the campaign, we should do it, but that's me, and I don't imagine I'd rally much support around that." Some assistant (Bonnie? Not sure. The person's almost entirely off-screen) hands Toby a nice-looking shopping bag. Toby acknowledges that. Sam concludes that they should talk to Bruno. Toby leaves, saying, "See you Monday." Sam, almost always nice and polite and considerate, says, "Have a good Thanksgiving." Without looking back, Toby (fairly loaded down with his coat, scarf, briefcase and shopping bag) says, "You too."

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