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In his office, Josh asks Sam whether he heard about the little assassin in Georgia. Josh says that his parents "FedExed him to Rome, which is in Italy." Sam: "Are you kidding me?" Josh: "No, it's really in Italy." As Josh (unasked) grabs Sam a bottle of water from the little bar fridge and tosses it to him, Sam realizes that the problem is that Italy won't extradite because of the death penalty in Georgia. Josh says, "They've come a long way since Mussolini." Sam says, "You should mention that." Josh: "I will." Sam sits down, announcing, "So, it turns out we've got four million new poor people." Josh: "Since when?" Sam: "Well, yesterday, actually." Josh guesses that the OMB is recommending a new model. Josh replies, "Well, I'm not an expert, but wouldn't we have a better chance of getting re-elected if we could say there are four million fewer poor people? Hang on. Wait. I am an expert." Sam states that he thinks they'd have a better chance of getting re-elected if there actually were four million fewer poor people. Sam's going to be talking to Bernice Collette from the OMB and try to get her to hold off on the new model for a while. Josh is doing some stuff just outside his office door. He asks whether Sam knows Bernice. Sam doesn't seem to know her. Josh indicates, "She's, uh, a little tough to warm up." Sam says he'll warm her up. Josh seems skeptical: "Yeah?" Sam gets up and walks to the door and says: "Jokes, nicknames, that sort of thing..." Josh thinks it sounds like Sam has a pretty good plan. Sam asks whether there's anything else he needs to know, mainly because it hasn't been mentioned in the last ninety-seven seconds that there are Indians in the lobby. Josh tells him: "Don't go through the lobby." Sam: "Why?" Josh: "Indians in the lobby." Sam asks, "Is that code?" Josh: "No. There are Indians in the lobby." Josh goes back into his office. Sam glances toward the lobby and walks off in the opposite direction.

POTUS, as he signs some documents, is regaling Charlie with Thanksgiving-related gripes and turkey lore, telling him that Bess Truman thought Camp David was dull. Jed hands him the folder and says, "As long as you've got an oven that will go to 320°..." Er...are there a lot of ovens that don't? I mean, I'm no Martha Stewart; I'm not even a Nigella Lawson, but I was under the impression that all standard ovens can operate to at least 500°. He continues, "You take your turkey, which has been soaking overnight in water, salt, coriander..." Someone knocks. Nancy (Jed's assistant/Martin Sheen's daughter, not the NSA advisor) tells him that Toby's there, and asks if she can send him in. Charlie quickly says, "Yes." Jed looks at him questioningly. Charlie, remembering his place, says, "Yeah, well, that's obviously a question for you, sir." Jed: "She was asking me." Charlie says he'll step out. Jed: "Yeah."

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