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Josh follows Donna out into the hall and tells her that he has a job for her. She's still sneering about the exemption. He tells her, "I need Vasily Konanov to meet with someone of absolutely no consequence. You're my girl." Well, when you put it that way, who could refuse? Donna's pretty insulted and wants to know how she's supposed to feel about being used as a dupe: "My value here is that I have no value?" Josh insists that she has enormous value to him, but to Eastern Europe, not so much. Donna decides to see it as an opportunity and wonders whether he'll see things from the point of view of the worker, or the point of view of economics. Josh says, "Well, he's drunk and he doesn't speak a lot of English, so I don't he's going to understand much of anything at all." He instructs her to set up the meeting: "Knock'em dead." She charges off on her mission.

Sam and Ainsley are arriving back at the White House. It was so dark in the room they met in on the Hill that I thought it was night, but now I remember that it's late afternoon, so the sunlight outdoors makes sense. Some, anyway...it must be around 5:00 PM. or later. Is D.C. on Daylight Savings Time? Are they even in Eastern Standard Time? As I've mentioned on a few dozen occasions before, my grasp of geography is weak at best, but I would think that in late fall in Washington at 5 PM or so, it'd be getting pretty dark. Strega would know. I'm beset by these continuity issues. Anyway, Sam's annoyed that Ainsley asked for the muffin, and suggests that the "sharpest of closing remarks" are blunted by asking for a muffin. She insists that the minute they left, those guys called their bosses and said that they were offered reservations. Sam's not appeased, and thought she did fine until she asked for a muffin. She objects that she was hungry. They run into C.J., who asks how it went. Sam thinks that a few of them might vote for the treaty because Marino's going to tell them to. He says that the three he named can't get elected without labour (is that a pun?), and Marino still swings a big bat with the unions. C.J. says that Toby's meeting with Marino right now. She asks Sam whether she should give Danny Concannon access to POTUS for a feature. He says yes, and C.J. forcefully tells him he's wrong. Ainsley pipes up and says she should, because he's cute. Oogh. ["What I want to know is how long Timothy Busfield's been sleeping with Aaron Sorkin, to get him to write lines for Mandy and Ainsley professing Danny's (by the way, non-existent) cuteness." -- Wing Chun] C.J. leaves. Sam asks Ainsley for his two-page summary. She hands it over (when'd she have time to write that? In the hour between when Sam gave it to her and the time he told her to meet him in the lobby? Such a wunderkind, this Ainsley) and waits outside Sam's office while he starts reading it. He wanders into his office reading, and back out very quickly, saying, "You reversed my position." She responds that she shortened it and polished it some, but Sam is not distracted from the fact that she reversed his position. Well, at least she didn't do it behind you back and hand it to the President, Sam. I guess you gotta be grateful for small favours. She tells him that his position was wrong. He asks her to step into his office to talk about it.

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