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The Last Snore

Vinick's doctor is giving him a clean bill of health. The doc is surprised by how quickly Vinick's hand healed, but the positive power of not using it was enough to promote a speedy cure. And then Vinick's doctor tells him that he's in great shape for a man half his age. A man half his age who is particularly frail and feeble. Vinick is pleased to get the news.

Transition HQ. The office is hopping, and we hear on a television that Jed and Abbey are on their way to Brussels for his final meeting of the G-8. Lou enters Santos's office, where Barry Goodwin and Santos are talking about potential cabinet appointments. Lou interrupts them to tell Santos that a Kansas City newspaper has picked up a leak about the potential nominee for Secretary of Agriculture. Santos is surprised there was a leak, but Barry points out that once the FBI starts doing a background check, it's not hard for the papers to figure it out. Lou and her cat-eye glasses think that leaking some cabinet names would take the pressure off them in terms of the V.P. choice. Santos tells them that he's decided on a Veep. And then he throws the internets into a tizzy by asking whether they have Nancy McNally's financial disclosure statement. Amy -- who is sitting on a couch in the corner of the room -- looks like she's about to jump out of her skin, and Barry asks whom Santos has selected as Veep. Santos seems surprised that they even have to ask, telling them that it's Governor Baker of Pennsylvania. Amy, who looked totally thrilled at the idea of Nancy as Veep, stifles herself to tell Santos that he needs to ask the Electors to vote for Baker as V.P. now so it will happen next week. Amy and Goodwin are both convinced that if Santos doesn't ask the Electors to, um, elect Baker, they'll never get him, because the Republicans in the Senate will never confirm him. Santos thinks it's wrong to ask the Electoral College to select the V.P., and he wants to find a way to get Baker through a Congressional confirmation process.

Vinick is meeting with his attorney. (I think I work with that guy.) He's telling Vinick about all the offers he's received for Vinick to sit on corporate boards. But Vinick doesn't want to sit on any corporate boards, despite the fact that doing so involves no work and can be very lucrative. According to Vinick, "It wouldn't look good." His attorney asks, "Who cares what it looks like? No offense, Arnie, but nobody notices what former senators do." Especially when their shows are cancelled. Vinick's lawyer tells him that he's also received lots of offers from academic institutions. Vinick tells his lawyer that he wants to be a guest lecturer at Penn, Florida State, and Ohio Wesleyan. Arnie asks whether there are any offers in California. His attorney asks, "You don't want to be the official greeter at a vineyard, do you?"

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