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The Last Snore

Transition HQ. Ron Butterfield is playing with his dollhouse. Actually, it's a mockup of what the Santoses' residence in Houston will look like once the Secret Service has made its security modifications. Apparently, one of the changes will be a wall about twenty-two feet tall around the perimeter of the property. Agent Butterfield claims that this violates Houston zoning laws, to which I can only say: Au contraire, mon frere! Houston has no zoning. It's famous for it. There will also be a guardhouse build smack dab in the middle of the sidewalk -- anyone entering the house will have to pass through it. Helen wonders if it has to be so big, and Butterfield tells her that they've already made it smaller than normal: "We're trying to let it blend in to the neighborhood." Helen: "Really? Who else in the neighborhood has a guardhouse?" Ron tells her that the plans could be scaled back, "depending on how often members of the First Family are going to use the house." Santos and Helen break the news that the plan is for Helen and the kids to live there full-time at least through June, so that the kids can finish the school year. Ron absorbs this news and then excuses himself. I'm sure he's going into a stairwell to scream and curse. Another agent with a very muscular jaw tells the First Couple that having permanent security in Houston and at the White House is going to really stretch their resources thin. No, seriously, I can't stop looking at this guy's jaw. It's like Dudley Do-Right took off his Mountie uniform and put on a bland suit.

Bob enters Vinick's outer office, and tells Sheila that he has the exit polls Vinick was asking for. Sheila: "Great. Now he can really obsess about why he lost." Vinick's attorney emerges from his office and tells Sheila that she has to talk to him about money; by refusing to sit on any boards, Vinick is seriously undermining his earning potential.

Transition HQ. Agent Butterfield apologizes to Santos and Helen for the interruption, and tells them that if Helen and the kids are going to live in Houston, the Secret Service is going to shut down the entire street -- no one will be able to enter the block without passing through a security checkpoint. Helen prepares to start pitching a fit when Santos pulls her away. Santos asks Helen whether she's okay, and with some honesty, she tells him that she's not. He starts to tell her that the agents are just trying to do their jobs, and she cuts him off: "This is not gonna work. We should all move to the White House with you in January." He accepts that, and suggests that they start looking at schools.

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