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The Last Snore

Non-Transition HQ (aka Vinick's office). Bob and Sheila enter Vinick's office, and Vinick asks whether Bob has the exit polls. He does, and he tells Vinick that they lost Nevada because of the nuclear accident. Vinick dives into the numbers, but Sheila immediately starts haranguing him about not sitting on any boards and not planning on earning enough to support himself. Sheila suggests that Vinick take a job with a D.C. law firm. Vinick tells her, "I won't do any lobbying. It wouldn't look good." Sheila keys in one part of that answer, pointing out that he wouldn't have to lobby. Bob keys in on the other part, wondering what Vinick means by saying "it wouldn't look good." Sheila notes that Vinick only wants to lecture in Pennsylvania, Florida, and Ohio, and realizes that he's thinking about running for President again in four years. Sheila clearly thinks this is a bad idea, and Vinick starts to get petulant. Vinick wonders who will be the frontrunner for the Republican nomination in four years: "One of the seven dwarves I just beat?" Bob calmly points out that Ray Sullivan is the presumed frontrunner, and that thanks to his role as Vinick's Veep candidate, he has a real chance. Vinick thinks Sullivan wouldn't run against him. Sheila's not so sure: "You wanna bet on that?" Vinick thinks that he would have won if it wasn't for the nuclear accident, and that the accident will have been forgotten in four years' time. Sheila and Bob are struck silent. He accuses them of thinking he's too old, and then tells them, "I feel great. I'm telling you, seventy is the new sixty." Commercials.

Transition HQ. Santos and Barry are talking about the confirmation chances of various prospective cabinet nominees. Are you just dying to know who Santos is going to pick as his Treasury Secretary? You are? Well, tough, because I'm not going to tell you. In this scene, we also learn the fascinating tidbit that the Treasury Department is in charge of the Bureau of Engraving. I know! It was a surprise to me, too. There's a bit of actual plot, when they discuss potential Secretaries of State. Santos decides that he loves Nancy McNally, but thinks she would be better as U.N. Ambassador. And that he really doesn't care for any of the other candidates. We leave the conversation just as they start to talk about candidates for Secretary of Commerce. Which is a good thing, because I could not stand any more excitement.

The West Wing. C.J. is on the phone with Jed, giving him an update on Kazakhstan. She puts him on hold in order to connect him with some other caller. I'm not sure I think the President sits around on hold waiting for people. In any case, C.J. opens her door and asks Margaret to get a couple of people on the phone with Jed. Amy is hovering over Margaret's desk. I wonder if Amy is trying to recruit Margaret to be her secretary in the new administration? Ah, it turns out Amy is there to meet with C.J. She hands C.J. a list of jobs for which the new administration has people lined up and instructs that all of the incumbents in those jobs need to be out of their offices by the Inauguration. C.J. gets the happy job of telling all of those people that they're being fired. Amy also tells C.J. that they don't have people lined up for many jobs at the State Department, so the Undersecretaries and Assistant Secretaries are being asked to stay on, at least temporarily. C.J. realizes this means Santos is having trouble selecting a Secretary of State, and asks Amy whether Nancy McNally is on the short list. Amy (who is a terrible liar) glances to the side and claims that she has no idea. C.J. pushes, and Amy admits that Nancy is on the short list. At that point, Margaret enters to tell C.J. that Helen is there to see her, and also to tell her that one of the people Jed needs to speak with is unavailable because he's having his teeth whitened. Well, since he's liable to be out of a job soon, it's probably a good idea to get pretty before he goes on some interviews. Amy, hearing that Helen is there, offers to duck out the side door. C.J. wonders if Amy's having trouble with Helen, and Amy smiles and tells her, "I'm just not her favorite person today." C.J. laughs, as Amy sneaks out. Those two have some nice chemistry -- I wish they'd gotten more scenes together over the years.

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