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The Last Hurrah

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The Last Snore

C.J. and Helen walk down a White House corridor. C.J. tells Helen, "Your personal staff is waiting for you in the East Room." Helen thinks she won't need anyone other than "a nanny type and someone to help clean up the kids' bedrooms." And then C.J. leads her into the East Room, where there are approximately 80,000 people assembled. Or a hundred or so. Helen just stops for a second when she sees the crowd, but C.J. gives her a very reassuring little smile and puts her hand on her back to keep her moving along. C.J. introduces Helen to the Chief Usher, who is actually the guy in charge of the personal staff. And not the guy whose house fell. The Usher starts laying out a schedule for Helen to speak with various people. He mentions that the head florist will want to hear about Helen and Santos's preferences in flowers. Helen interrupts him: "Um, the President-Elect doesn't have a flower preference." Oh, but I think he does. The Usher heads on with talk of butlers and maids and valets, and Helen excuses herself for a second. She pulls C.J. aside and tells her, "This is too much. We don't need all these people." C.J. asks her: "Okay. Which ones do you want to fire?" Can we start with the one who wrote this episode?

Vinick walks into Transition HQ, where the receptionist seems to be putting every caller on hold and never actually taking the calls. She interrupts her rudeness to tell Vinick that Barry is on a call and will be with him soon. There are a couple of extras who give little surprised looks when they see Vinick there. With some dismay, he takes off his coat to wait. He sees Barry sitting in an office just as someone closes the door. So then he opens his cell phone and dials his own office, where Sheila answers. He tells her that it was a terrible idea for him to meet with Santos, and then tells her to keep speaking to him so he can pretend he's still a busy and important man. He asks about his schedule for the next day, and she tells him he has a haircut at 10. And nothing else for the rest of the year. Barry comes out of his office, and Vinick just starts pretending to be having an important conversation about his busy, busy schedule. He's a much better liar than Amy. Barry says hello to him, and they exchange mutual pleasantries about the great campaigns they ran. And then Barry tells Vinick that Santos had to ditch their meeting to go look at schools with Helen. Rude!

Barry leads Vinick into Santos's personal office and tells him that Santos won't be long and that he wants Vinick to wait there. Ronna brams Barry away to speak to a real Senator. Vinick is left alone in the office. He stands there and takes in everything that would have been his had he won. And then we just brood on out to a commercial break.

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